Mobile Working
Work Remotely at Your Digital Workplace

Many of us profit from the new mobility and flexibility that come with our modern ways of working. We work remotely from home or when we are on the go - some of us may even enjoy the latest "workation" trend, where work and vacation are combined, for a better work-life balance (please always check with HR before packing your bags). Mobile working requires easy access to all work and communication software as well as all business data while the company infrastructure needs to remain protected at all times. A difficult task for the communication solution - innovaphone fulfills these demands.

Your Digital Workplace – Always Accessible, Always at Hand 

For remote work to be a success, you will need quick access to all the software tools and apps that you also use when you are working at the office. innovaphone myApps provides the interface to all your digital work and communication tools, and is fully integrated into the innovaphone PBX IP phone system.

Install and use the myApps client on all your devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer) simultaneously. If you want, you do not even need to install the client – simply open myApps directly within the browser of your device. myApps is based on a modular design. Every user gets a customized interface with only the apps and software tools the user really needs.
Make video calls or join virtual meetings, get access to CRM tools, send chat messages, use the Calculator App or record your working times via the Working App.

Video Konferenz in der Conference AppVideo Konferenz in der Conference App

The responsive UI will flexibly adapt to any device used. All changes are saved and readily available in real-time across all the other devices. Here is an example: You can start a chat at your desktop computer and continue with this chat conversation on your smartphone.
The interface always looks the same so there is no need to adjust to different software or even different devices - whether for private purposes or for work - the same device can be used. All you need is internet access.

Remote Work with Easy-to-Use Workplace Communication Tools

  • Thanks to the innovaphone One Number Concept, myApps users are always available via their own business phone number or extension - within the business at your desk (desk phone) as well as outside the company premises via your smartphone.
  • The same applies to outbound phone calls: Whether you initiate a phone call via your desk phone or via your smartphone - your business number is always displayed with your caller ID.

What are the advantages of mobile working with innovaphone if you want to communicate within the company?

  • The presence information of all users is displayed in real-time across all devices. No matter what device (desk phone, smartphone, softphone) is currently being used - if a user is in a call or in a virtual meeting, the presence status will indicate that the person is "busy".
  • myApps provides a secure messenger solution specifically designed for businesses: the innovaphone Chat App. Users have the opportunity to send chat messages to colleagues.
  • With innovaphone Conferencing, users can quickly join virtual meetings and video conferences directly via the myApps UI - screen sharing included.

Digital Security - Wherever You Work

When working remotely, special security precautions are required to keep the company infrastructure protected. innovaphone solutions are equipped with most advanced security functions and carry the trust seals “IT Security made in Germany” & “IT Security made in Europe”. The mobile workplace with innovaphone is user-friendly, easily accessible anywhere and anytime, and further provides utmost protection for all data and the IT infrastructure of the company.

innovaphone solutions - including the innovaphone video conferencing solution - are available on premises or from the cloud (in conformity with GDPR and hosted in Europe). Customers always receive the full range of functions, no matter whether they opt for an installation on premises or in the cloud.

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How will Your Digital Workplace with innovaphone Look Like?

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