IP telephony and unified communications in companies - innovaphone in practice

A wide array of customers have already made the decision to purchase a modern and innovative communication solution from innovaphone. These customers benefit from efficient and simple communication amongst their employees and with third party companies.

Companies across the world place their trust in IP telephone and Unified Communications solutions by innovaphone. Small businesses, privately-owned medium-sized businesses, branch enterprises and large-scale corporations - satisfied customers who have chosen an innovaphone PBX and thus IP telephony and Unified Communications "Made in Germany", can be found in a wide range of countries and industries.

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2Germany | Recreation and Tourism73

The Ostfriesische-Flug-Dienst GmbH (OFD) is one of the oldest airlines in Germany and was founded as a private company in 1958. The focus in those days was to deliver newspapers to the East Frisian islands. Today its fleet encompasses 8 aircraft that... 

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2Czech-Republic | Industry73
Bohemia Sekt

BOHEMIA SEKT (http://www.bohemiasekt.cz/en/) is one of the leading producers of sparkling wines and still wines in Central and Eastern Europe. They sell around 24 million bottles a year. The many awards the sparkling and still wines have... 

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2The-Netherlands | Public Sector73

Before the Advanced Research Center for Nano Lithography (ARCNL) moved into a new building at the Science Park Amsterdam, the center had been using the spaces and telephony facilities of AMOLF, also based at the Science Park. Even before the... 

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