Antarès SCI in Luxembourg

Maximum Mobility and Reliability

Maximum Reliability: The 11 Companies that are Tenants in the ANTARÈS Business Center (Luxembourg) are very Satisfied with innovaphone’s UCC Solution.

All tenants at the Antarès SCI business center in Luxembourg have been equipped with an innovaphone UCC solution on the recommendation of the auditing company WBA. WBA (Wise Business Accounting) itself has been using the VoIP solution innovaphone PBX for years without ever needing technical support.

Eleven companies from a wide range of sectors - accounting firms, investment funds, family businesses, brand consultancies, etc. - moved into the Antarès business center a few years ago. WBA was responsible for introducing the innovaphone system throughout the building. Patrick Want, CFO at WBA, recalls: “Our accounting firm had already been using the innovaphone PBX with the IP800 VoIP gateway and with IP110 terminals for several years before the move and we were very satisfied with it. As most of the new tenants were also our customers, we were easily able to convince them of the idea to extend the innovaphone solution to cover the entire building.

gateway, tablet, IP phones, smartphone and text bubbles on unified communications by innovaphone

Fast Migration from ISDN to SIP

In order to reduce costs and at the same time hardware, between 15 and 20 migrations from ISDN to SIP were needed. The updates proceeded smoothly without incident and were completed within one day. The innovaphone IP800 VoIP gateway was replaced by the more modern and more powerful IP811 gateway. A total of 33 innovaphone IP222 design telephones were installed in the company offices. In addition, several IP222, IP24 and IP28 analog adapters were used to connect fax machines and intercoms. Patrick Want explains: “Each tenant of our customer Antares now has their own SIP account. This allows them to connect phones without a VPN over distances via H.323/TLS protocol.”

Not a Single Malfunction in almost 10 Years

Employees of the various respective companies in the building, who work remotely, can now be reached wherever they are thanks to innovaphone’s Unified Communications applications. In addition to telephone services, the PBX client on a smartphone or Windows PC enables real-time applications such as chat and provides information about the availability and presence status of colleagues and partners at any time: “Thanks to the myPBX smartphone application, which is part of the UC license, you can be reached anytime and anywhere. The receptionist can answer the calls via the myPBX smartphone app, even if he or she is not sitting in front of their IP222 phone with LCD keypad,” explains Patrick Want. He goes on to add: “In summary, I can say on behalf of all rental companies that we are very satisfied with the innovaphone solution. It provides us with maximum mobility and reliability. Our technical requirements were fully met, and everything is running smoothly. We haven’t had a single incident in almost 10 years!”

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