Certificates & Attestations
Sustainability and Reliability for a Better Future

Various certifications and attestations confirm assured quality and special expertise at innovaphone. These certifications include environmental management and data protection, amongst others.


Trust Seal | Security made in Germany-Logo

IT Security Made in Germany

The trust seal “IT security made in Germany” is awarded exclusively to German IT companies that develop their products and carry out their security research in Germany. innovaphone meets these key requirements. innovaphone products are equipped with a lot of different security mechanisms that provide the best possible protection against a wide variety of attacks. The trust seal requires the adherence to strict criteria on IT security as well as data protection.


IT Security Made in EU

In addition to the trust seal “IT Security made in Germany,” innovaphone also fulfils the criteria for the trust seal “IT Security made in Europe.” This seal is not limited to Germany but encompasses all of Europe. The criteria of the two are identical, with the only difference being a geographical one. The company must offer trusted IT security solutions, products and services must not contain any hidden access points, and IT Security research and development of the business need to take place within the EU. Further, innovaphone commits to complying with the EU GDPR.



Trust Seal | Security made in EU-Logo
innovaphone Unternehmen ISO 14001 und 9001

ISO 14001 & ISO 9001

innovaphone follows a comprehensive quality and environmental management system (QMS & EMS), introduced specifically for this purpose. innovaphone meets the strict criteria of the standards ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. These examine the development, manufacturing and sales of digital communications products, particularly in the field of telecommunications, as well as training and consulting services in this area.

Core aspect of ISO 14001 is the sustainable and responsible management and the economical use of resources. Proper compliance with certain criteria must be ensured to receive this certification. With innovaphone, the building of the headquarters was built in line with most recent energy standards and the majority of innovaphone company fleet consists of electrically powered vehicles.


ISO 27001

innovaphone protects all data with a comprehensive IT security concept according to the international standard ISO 27001. This standard checks the information security management system (ISMS) for confidentiality, availability and information security.

The ISO 27001 certification for basic IT protection requires all data to receive an initial protection, as well as core protection to secure particularly sensitive data of an organization.



ISO 27001 Aufschrift vor Händen, die auf einem Laptop tippen mit einem Schloss Symbol davor
Cloud Services made in Germany

Cloud Services Made in Germany

This initiative stands for aspects such as reliability, solidity and durability. In our globalized world, meeting the strict criteria for inclusion within this initiative provides additional security. The company must have been founded in Germany, and the headquarters need to be located in Germany.




DNV Approval

The globally recognized DNV approval confirms the use of products on high seas. The innovaphone IP811 VoIP gateway as well as the innovaphone IP29-8 analog adapter both carry the DNV approval, after having undergone rigorous testing procedures for the certification process. DNV approval was created by the merger of Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd. A device approved by DNV is suitable for the use in harsh environments and can withstand shocks, moisture and vibrations.

Logo der DNV-Zulassung
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