innovaphone Solutions for Wholesale & Retail
Business Communications for Chain Stores, Retail Shops, Warehouses & More

Sophisticated Communications Solution for Enhanced Customer Services

In a market that is increasingly dominated by e-commerce and ever-growing competition, the key to long-term business success is a well-rounded communications solution. Employees need to be organized and thoroughly informed to keep the customers satisfied.

innovaphone myApps is the ideal solution for the retail sector. It combines all software tools for communication, administration and work processes in one single interface, accessible from any end device. Whether warehouse or showroom, boutique, chain store or shopping mall - the innovaphone solution boosts efficiency and productivity.

We connect different teams, departments and subsidiaries with each other, ensuring a smooth workflow as well as outstanding customer services.



Companies grow, new employees and new subsidiaries need to be accounted for. Your business will flexibly adapt to changing business requirements.


A reliable communication system across multiple sites.

  • All sites, subsidiaries and branch offices are seamlessly connected with each other
  • Redundantly designed communications systems allow for reliable availability of all sites (also for emergency calls)

Central Administration

Companies with multiple branches benefit from central administration of the innovaphone PBX.

  • Remote administration across multiple sites (restricted access, via web browser)
  • Low administrative effort
  • innovaphone update server integrated


Suitable phone models for the different areas of use, incl. DECT & WiFi.


Opt for a communication solution which suits your specific business needs.

  • Mobile working: At home, at the office or in the retail area
  • innovaphone SDK to develop and integrate own apps as well as partner apps


Personal data require an extra level of protection.

  • In compliance with GDPR (100% made in EU)
  • Numerous security mechanisms standardly integrated
  • Operation in (own) data center possible
  • Own innovaphone operating system
  • Sophisticated redundancy concept for a reliable system


Communications Solution for Wholesale & Retail

innovaphone myApps provides the ideal solution for the retail sector and combines all relevant software tools in one unified interface. Get in touch with us to see how innovaphone solutions meet your business requirements.

Rent, Buy or Move to the Cloud - You can also Mix it Up!

Opt for any commercial model and always receive the ideal solution that perfectly matches your individual business requirements. Our entire product portfolio is always available with the full set of features, without limitations, and it is even possible to combine the different commercial models with each other, or to switch between the models.

Pick what best suits your business:

Buying a Solution: Installation On-Premises & Long-Term Investment

Would you like to have your enterprise communications solution with all user and operational data on your very own company premises? Do you prefer not to be tied to any monthly fees or subscriptions? If so, you should choose to purchase your solution.

Renting a Solution: On Premises with Full Liquidity & Flexibility

Would you like a solution on your own premises but without the financial investment and without being bound to a fixed term? In this case, you should opt for innovaphone Software and Hardware Rental.

Cloud Security with “Cloud Services Made in Germany”

Are you looking for a solution customized to your specific business needs without having to make a financial investment and without having to worry about operation, maintenance and servicing? Data protection is of utmost importance to your business? Look no further: innovaphone myApps Cloud is a sound decision for you.

Better Safe than Sorry - "IT Security made in EU"

Make security your top priority with your digital transformation.

We are a German IT company placing utmost emphasis on the security of European authorities and citizens. Our products are GDPR compliant and carry both trust seals "IT Security made in EU" and "IT Security made in Germany".

We support all our customers in their digital sovereignty.

Trust Seal | Security made in EU-Logo


These retailers & chains already rely on innovaphone:

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