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In the Field: myApps for Schools (Video Interview)

This video interview demonstrates how the open platform myApps can be used in schools to implement digital teaching and hybrid learning. All required tools and applications will be available to teachers and students directly via the myApps user interface....

Editorial Contribution | 2021-12-15

Switching from Landline to VoIP Technology – One Step at a Time

Up until a few years ago, the transition to All IP telephony seemed like something that was exclusively reserved to large companies equipping new office sites, negotiating new contracts with their telecommunications providers or modernizing their telephone systems. The objective was always the same:...

Bénédicte Nuding | 2021-11-25

A New Paradigm in Business Communications – The WebRTC Phenomenon

The open standard WebRTC (real-time communication) has been gaining in popularity and triggered quite a revolution in the field of business communications. WebRTC technology enables the transfer of voice packages, video images or desktop sharing (Application Sharing) in real-time from browser to browser. ...

Alexandra Carballo | 2021-11-09

Is Your Business Ready for the Digital Transformation?

Especially during times of a global pandemic, the digital transformation poses tremendous challenges for many companies. Work and business models that used to be typical in the past are now undergoing continual changes. This does not only apply to large enterprises but also small & mid-sized business are affected....

Victoria Finkbeiner | 2021-10-20

5 Myths about the Cloud

The pandemic has turned our working world upside down. Wherever possible, employees revert to working remotely from home. Many businesses use this impulse to switch their business communications to the cloud ...

Dr. Petra Wanner-Meyer | 2021-09-17

Key Facts about our innovaphone Blog

Here at the innovaphone marketing department, we are a multi-national team that has joined forces to feed you with interesting news, expert knowledge and insider features concerning our core business: enterprise communications....

Dr. Petra Wanner-Meyer | 2021-09-15

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