innovaphone Dialogs 2023 – Looking Back

by Bénédicte Nuding & Wendy Züffle | June 26th, 2023

At last, our innovaphone Dialogs, our renowned event series exclusively for authorized innovaphone partners, took place again in person. For our dialogs, innovaphone travelled across Europe, offering 11 dates in 10 cities and 7 countries – from Vienna to Lyon and Warsaw. The two dates at our headquarters in Sindelfingen, Germany, were further a great opportunity for our partners to get a glimpse of our inviting company building as well as our corporate culture.

Numerous partners participated in our European roadshow. We even welcomed partners from Singapore, Brazil and Thailand at our International Dialog in Sindelfingen. Our event series provided the ideal setting to introduce new ideas, concepts and developments in form of presentations and live demos such as the opportunity to test our conferencing solution live. Presentations focusing on the sales aspect as well as technical perspectives ensured that all fields were covered.

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New Concept with Plenty of Networking

In addition to presenting our news, developments and visions to our partners, we also wanted to ensure that everybody would have enough time to network. At every dialog location, there were two rooms: one for the conferences and presentations, and one for networking. Participants were able to switch between these rooms as desired.

Here is a small excerpt of the topics. Partners had the opportunity to actively help shape the day, thanks to the open concept:

  • Quo vadis innovaphone – a venture into the future
  • Retrospective of 2022
  • Introduction of the new innovaphone claim
  • News from development – an exclusive look behind the scenes
  • What is innovaphone Conferencing?
  • Apps & App Partners
  • And many more

One of the highlights was the introduction of our new catalog, innovaphone Products & Solutions 2023 / 2024, now available in our seven web languages. The revamped catalog provides information on the corporate culture of innovaphone, our comprehensive portfolio as well as a collection of sample scenarios.

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Hybrid Rehearsals across Borders with the innovaphone myApps Platform

A professional preparation such as the booking of the venue or practicing the presentations prior to the event is also part of a successful organization. Since our dialogs were to take place in seven countries, and since we had four rehearsals across European borders, we were faced with the challenge to organize the various events in other countries. Thanks to innovaphone myApps, our country teams based in Germany had all the necessary software tools to collaborate and to remain connected with the colleagues on site. Virtual and hybrid prep meetings were held and thanks to desktop sharing, the Italian, Polish, Spanish and French teams were able to rehearse the presentations with all colleagues.
Interested in taking a look for yourself?
Please feel free to test our virtual innovaphone myApps meetings – no registration or software downloads required and entirely free of charge.

The Platform for Virtual Events – Successful Online Dialogs in 2020 & 2021

In 2020 and 2021, we already reverted to a new format for our renowned innovaphone dialogs. Necessity is the mother of invention, and with myApps, the dialogs were turned into fully digital live events. The myApps platform with the myApps client provides the ideal solution for digital events. All communication channels run together, live surveys can be implemented and virtual discussion rounds are set up without hassle. We want to make sure that our customers also profit from these versatile functionalities. If you are planning an online event and would like to keep your expenses low for the time being, you can simply book myApps via the innovaphone Cloud for the required time period and use a variety of apps and functions. A live stream, for example, can easily be included with additional applications such as a live chat, surveys or whiteboards.
Would you like to see for yourself how this all may look like in reality?
Visit our innovaphone Community and take a look around.

a collection of images from the event, people talking with each other, presentation scenarios and event venues of innovaphone Dialogs 2023

Successful Event Series & Happy Partners

After three seemingly endless years, we were delighted that we could finally meet up again in person. It was fabulous to see familiar faces and to meet our new partners. Even though our virtual dialogs two years ago were a great success, it was nevertheless nice to network with you in person again. Many thanks to all our innovaphone partners & distributors for your commitment and dedicated collaboration. Thanks to your contribution, our dialogs were once more a great success.

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