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Turn any End Device into a Telephone

Our modern and digital world has undergone significant changes in recent years. Personal computers and desk phones are competing with laptops and smartphones. BYOD and mobility concepts, working remotely from home as well as working flexibly when on the go are on the rise. Today’s generation relies on audio and video calls – anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Use the innovaphone Softphone app to make and receive audio and video calls on any end device with internet connection (required: audio input / output & camera function for video calls).

What does the Softphone App Offer?

geteilter Bildschirm mit Application Sharing Schaltflächegeteilter Bildschirm mit Application Sharing Schaltfläche

The Softphone app is a virtual telephone and can be used on any end device. Smartphones, tablets and laptops will turn into an extension at the innovaphone PBX. For the transfer of audio, you can either use microphone and loudspeaker of the respective device or a suitable headset.

The Softphone app includes all typical functions of classic IP telephony such as: dial, hang up, put on hold, park, toggle, connect, set call forwarding, pick-up etc. Versatile UCC functions such as video telephony, application sharing (full screen or select contents) and 3-party conferences. Users can also dial into virtual conference rooms for online meetings with more than 3 participants directly via the Softphone app. There is no need to open an additional application (more information on innovaphone Conferencing).

If desired, the user can block the own number from being displayed to others. If required, it is further possible to record select calls by clicking on the recording button.

Good to know: the innovaphone Softphone can also be used in terminal server environments (e.g. Citrix).


How does the Interface of the Softphone App Look like?

Users will appreciate that the interface always looks the same. This applies to the Phone app, Softphone app, one-on-one calls, 3-party conferences or when dialing into a virtual innovaphone myApps meeting via one of the two apps.

What to expect:

  • Multi-video view with various display options
  • Option to share full screen or select applications with others
  • Send chat messages within the call (non-persistent chat, messages transmitted as part of the call)
  • Within the virtual conference, there is a button to indicate that you would like to speak ("raise your hand")
  • A favorites list & call history with following functions: indicated presence status, start a call, send a chat message, transfer or take over a call
  • And much more...
Softphone BenutzeroberflächeSoftphone Benutzeroberfläche

Advantages of the Softphone App

  • Efficiency & versatility of use:
    One single app for audio calls, video calls, one-on-one calls and virtual meetings. The app even enables chat messaging and the recording of a call without users having to switch to a different app.
  • Flexibility & mobility:
    With the Softphone, users are available under their own business extension anytime, anywhere and on any device – thanks to VoIP without any additional cost.
  • Scalability:
    Businesses can flexibly react to fluctuation without having to provide and configure a multitude of end devices.
  • User acceptance:
    Identical set of functions and same user interface as the Phone app in combination with an IP phone.
  • High reliability:
    Uninterrupted communication thanks to the innovaphone redundancy concept even if the telephone system (PBX) were to fail.

How can I Access the Softphone App?

  • Via the native innovaphone myApps client for Windows or macOS
  • Via Windows or macOS browser with the browser-based innovaphone myApps version (no installation required)
  • Via the native innovaphone myApps client for mobile end devices with Android or iOS

What are the Advantages of Using the Softphone App by Default in the Native innovaphone myApps Client?

  • A call will not be disconnected once the Softphone app or the myApps Custom app for MS Teams is closed. This is a great advantage, especially in MS Teams environments. So far, a call would have been disconnected if the user switched to a different app or if the user closed MS Teams on the mobile end device.
  • Inbound calls can be accepted even if the Softphone app or the myApps client is not open. This results in acceleration of call signaling and generally better stability (improvement of push mechanism / call kit), especially when used on mobile devices.

Phone App - Softphone App - RCC App: What are the Differences?

Please visit our innovaphone Wiki. Here, you will find a chart comparing the different apps and the available features.

myApps Tutorial - Phone App & Softphone App

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