EU Directive on Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The European directive on the disposal of old electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE Directive - Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) became effective on February 13th 2003. It requires manufacturers to bear the financial costs and disposal of privately used electrical and electronic equipment.

Electrical and electronic equipment which can be used in private households are to be labelled with a symbol to notify customers that it must be recycled. This label is shown here. Each EU member state is responsible for introducing appropriate accountable disposal systems in time. Returning equipment from private households must be free of charge for the end-user.

Manufacturers are required to provide a possibility to return and dispose of equipment at the end of their useful life that has not been used in a private household.


innovaphone AG has the registration number DE 31703754.

innovaphone AG assumes responsibility to dispose professionally of all innovaphone equipment at the end of their useful life free of charge as stipulated in the EU directive.

Send your innovaphone equipment to:

innovaphone AG

Umberto-Nobile-Str. 15

71063 Sindelfingen



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