Maritime Industry and Shipping Industry
Communications Solutions for Fishing Vessels, Cruise Ships, Yachts, Offshore Platforms etc…

In the maritime and marina industry, the demand concerning pure IP communications solutions to efficiently connect and network with surrounding systems continues to grow.

Security is also a central factor in this sector: maximum availability of the communications solution is a mandatory basic requirement.

The Comprehensive innovaphone Portfolio Offers Solutions for Various Maritime Sectors:

  • Fishing ships and vessels
  • Industrial shipping (tankships and cargo ships)
  • Yachts
  • Ferries
  • Cruise ships
  • Onshore locations such as wharves, travel agencies and lighthouses
  • Offshore locations such as wind farms and oil platforms
two innovaphone gateways, IP telephone and the seal DNV GL

With the globally recognized DNV approval, innovaphone products can also be used on high seas. DNV certification, which was created by the merger of Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd, is based on strict standards for use on seagoing vessels, freight, container and work ships as well as high-speed crafts and mobile offshore units.

The innovaphone VoIP gateway IP811 and the analog adapter IP29-8 underwent a rigorous test procedure for certification.

Whether Shipping Boat, Vessel, Cruise Ship or Yacht...


...innovaphone offers communications solutions for the maritime and shipping industry.

If you are looking for a DNV approved telephony solution for the maritime sector, give us a phone call, a video call or send us an e-mail to get in touch.

Find the Communication Solution that is Right for You

Maximum Reliability for A High-Availability Communication System

  • The innovaphone PBX convinces with its lean infrastructure and ensure utmost stability
  • In case of system failure, the innovaphone redundancy concept provides a quick and automatic transfer to backup systems without losing data

Emergency Situations

If an emergency situation (e.g. fire warning, passenger / staff assumed over board) occurs, crew members and passengers can be contacted as follows:

  • desk phones (passengers)
  • wireless solutions (DECT / WiFi / GSM)
  • in-house antenna
  • should capsizing occur, rescue teams can be contacted via satellite

Communication on the Various Areas of a Ship

Accessibility within the different sections of a ship is of utmost importance, including the steering / maneuvering of the ship as well as the emergency scenarios:

Hotel Features

Cruise ships can be compared to swimming hotels so passengers should always get the same level of comfort that they would be expecting in a regular hotel:

  • Entertainment program
  • Wake up calls
  • BYOD
  • Communication with the staff
  • PMS and PMS integration

Seamless flow of daily work routines (staff):

  • Room service and cleaning service
  • Equipping personnel with mobile end devices where required

innovaphone Solutions for Enterprise Communications

innovaphone provides individual solutions which meet every business requirement to equip any type of company. Due to its modularity and scalability, the system can be expanded and adapted to changing business needs:

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