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Keep Your Brain Fit and Guess the Word of the Day

The WordGuess app by innovaphone is the ideal app for a quick break, and to keep your brain fit. Select the length of the word (from 4 to 8 letters per word) and the language of your choice (available languages: Dutch, Englisch, French, German, Italian, Spanish) and guess the word of the day. You have six attempts for each word.

But beware, you will not get any clues on the meaning of the word you need to guess. You will just see what letters appear in the word you are looking for. The correct letters will be indicated with a different color.

How many attempts do you need to guess the word of the day?

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Getting Started:

If you open the app for the first time, you will get some instructions on the game. You always start with a random word with the correct number of letters:

  • A letter with grey background: This letter does not appear in the word you are looking for.
  • A letter with yellow background: This letter does appear in the word you are looking for but the position of the letter is not correct.
  • A letter with green background: This letter is at the right position of the word you are looking for.

Try to guess the word as fast as possible with the hints on the letter.

Each day, you can guess one word per language and length.

Once you guessed the word, you can share your score.

At the top right corner of the app, you have a symbol for the statistics. Check your own statistics, the company statistics and the top ten of the current day. Here, you will also be able to see the words from the day before.

The WordGuess app is not a novelty of innovaphone. The idea came from wordle.

WordGuess was developed for offline usage within the myApps environment and provides internal statistics of the company.




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