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Secure & Flexible with the Full Set of Features

Are you looking for a business communication solution without having to make a financial investment and without having to worry about operation, maintenance and servicing?
Is data protection of utmost importance to your business?
Would you like a solution that flexibly adapts to your business needs and business size?
Are you ready to explore new paths with digital collaboration & new productivity tools?
Would you also like to rely on all well-established functions of an IP phone system?

If you answered one or more of the previous questions with a "yes", innovaphone myApps Cloud will be ideal to meet your business requirements:

What is Included with innovaphone myApps Cloud?

With innovaphone myApps Cloud, we provide the full range of functions of our work, productivity and communication solution - from secure European data centers and developed entirely in-house at our headquarters in Germany.

Profit from:

myApps Cloud mit Screenshots der Conference App, Working App, Chat App und des HomescreensmyApps Cloud mit Screenshots der Conference App, Working App, Chat App und des Homescreens

Rent, Buy, Move to the Cloud - or Mix it Up!

Are you still undecided what commercial model would work best for you & your business? Simply take a look at our overview to check the respective benefits. Did you know? With innovaphone, you can even combine the different models with each other.

Rent, buy or move to the cloud - take a look at the overview

The Advantages of innovaphone myApps Cloud

All data centers are located within the EU and adhere to European privacy regulations. Security features and updates are included (no licenses required). The entire solution, including the ardware components, are developed in Europe and can be updated centrally at the push of a button. You profit from low staff requirements, utmost flexibility and security, and you receive the support of an authorized innovaphone partner.

Utmost Security

  • Financial security: No long-term investment and no capital commitment (OPEX)
  • Be prepared for the future: Regular software updates included
  • System reliability: Operation in highly secure European data centers
  • Secure all data: Utmost data security according to European data protection (headquarters within EU - NO Cloud Act)

Unlimited Flexibility

  • Flexible adjustment to changing business requirements: Expansion and reduction of users and features, smooth integration of new locations, branches or remote workplaces
  • Flexible pay per use pricing model: Billing to the second
  • Flexible runtime: No fixed term & can be terminated any time

Highly Customized

  • Individual scope of services: No pre-defined service packages
  • Choose your provider: SIP trunk, ISDN or analog
  • Pick the commercial model: A switch is possible at all times (on premises ⬅️➡️ cloud); you can also mix the models with each other
  • Individual integrations: Easily integrate ERP /CRM systems & partner apps

Full Support

  • Receive support with the configuration & implementation: From an authorized innovaphone Partner
  • Receive support while the business is up and running: Via our support hotline ("human" support); infrastructure support hotline with all cloud service options - upon request available 24x7

"Cloud Services made in Germany"

Especially in a globalized world, ‘made in Germany’ is a seal of quality that stands for reliability, durability and solidity. By fulfilling the strict criteria for inclusion in the solution catalogue of the ‘Cloud Services made in Germany’ initiative, our customers receive even more legal clarity.

"Cloud Services made in Germany" Logo

How can I get myApps Cloud and how much do I have to pay?

An individual package equals individual pricing: Pay only what you actually use.
Instead of fixed costs and service packages, our sales partners are provided with a secure and flexible technology basis so they can offer customers individual packages for their respective needs: with complete freedom of choice in terms of cost and service model, run times, included functions, etc.

Take a look at our PDF with three sample cloud packages.

myApps Cloud Standard or Premium – It's Your Choice

We have two versions available for innovaphone myApps Cloud: Standard & Premium. Take a closer look at both cloud models.

Step by Step Guide on How to Get Your Own myApps Cloud:

1. Get a quote & more info materials

Ask for your free quote or more detailed information - we will get in touch with you, answer your questions and refer you to one of our authorized innovaphone partners.

2. Select your preferred cloud version

Select the version of your preferred myApps Cloud Service (Standard or Premium)

3. Order via the portal my.innovaphone

Together with our authorized sales partner, we will determine the basic conditions, contents and range of functions that suit your business needs best. The order is then placed via our portal my.innovaphone (please watch our myApps tutorial #15 - "Ordering Process myApps Cloud")

4. Installation & test phase

Planning & installation carried out with / by the innovaphone service partner (myApps tutorial #16 - "Installing myApps Cloud"); then you can go ahead and test the solution.

5. The system goes live & fees are incurred

Once the system goes live, fees are calculated down to the second and you pay with iSC (innovaphone Service Credits) (myApps tutorial #17 - "Payment Method iSC")

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