Our Vision
Together for a Better World

We wish to contribute to a society in which humanity can exist with a high quality of life. How do we envision to achieve this? By helping companies today with our products to increase productivity and to focus on essential matters. Our actions of today determine how the world of tomorrow will look like.

Our Contribution to Making the World a Better Place:

Grafik zur Vision International Mindset

Diversity & Internationality

innovaphone employees represent many countries and speak more than 20 different languages. Our steadily growing partner network of authorized innovaphone partners extends across the globe.

Inspirational Products

We do not copy. Instead, we think for ourselves, fully aware that we do not always share the opinion of the crowd. We do not follow the fads of the market. We focus on the business needs of our customers and prefer to take matters into our own hands instead of integrating bland, standard solutions. This is how we win new customers - and true innovaphone fans.

Grafik zur Vision Exciting Products
Grafik zur Vision Easy to Buy, Sell and Use

Smart Solutions - for Customers, Partners & Users

Our product portfolio is lean and smart - in terms of the underlying technology as well as the intuitive and user-friendly interface. This is what makes our solution so easy – both in its use as well as in administering the system, also for enterprise settings and distributed sites.

More than Communication

If organizational processes run smoothly and efficiently in the background, we will have more time and space for the development of innovations and new technologies. Good communication still remains a key component but there is much more to it.

That is why we are expanding our myApps platform to include apps that go beyond mere communication and collaboration. In this context, our new claim could not be more fitting: more than communication.



Grafik zur Vision Communication
Grafik zur Vision myApps Ecosystem

A Growing Ecosystem

innovaphone myApps is more than just a product or a solution - myApps is an entire ecosystem.

This ecosystem continues to grow since new apps developed by innovaphone and app partners are added continuously. The great variety of apps cover all types of business requirements.

The intention is to create a comprehensive business platform which unifies all apps and tools within one single interface, and to provide an open platform where creative ideas can be transformed into reality.

Together for a Better World - Join us

Whether employee, sales partner or app partner - we welcome you to drive our vision forward with us.

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