innovaphone Webinars

These webinars deal with product innovations, partnerships and much more. They provide an effective opportunity to receive important news and to always stay up to date.

Webinar Series of our Technology Partners & App Partners

Our webinar series provide a great opportunity to introduce our technology partners & app partners. Each webinar will be presented by one of our technology / app partners and moderated by innovaphone.

The main focus of each webinar will be the product range, integration of the solution within the innovaphone system as well as completed innovaphone customer projects. Learn about the possibilities of enhancing innovaphone solutions with the versatile products of our technology partners & app partners.


March 8, 2024 | Launch Webinar - innovaphone V14r1


Available Now: Software Version 14r1

14r1 introduces numerous long-awaited newcomers to our myApps platform. These highlights reflect our slogan “more than communication” and expand the myApps ecosystem with new productivity tools. 14r1 further includes various improvements and new features.

Select Contents of the 14r1 Launch Webinar:
  • Connect App: Social platform for digital collaboration
  • Contact Widgets App: Easy contact options for website visitors
  • Techassist App: Quickly detect errors & misconfigurations in the system
  • myApps Plugin for Virtual Desktops: For Citrix, Remote Desktop & Co.
  • Softphone App: Improved UI
  • Search App: Quickly look for contacts, users or apps within myApps
  • Connector for Let’s Encrypt App: Easily manage SSL certificates for all devices


Date & Time
Friday, March 8th, 2024

10 am - approx. 11.30 am

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March 8, 2024 | Launch Webinar - innovaphone V14r1

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