Buying a Business Telephone System
The Advantages of having Your IP Telephone System on Premises

Would you like to have your business telephone system on your very own company premises and decide for yourself when and how much to pay without being committed to contractual terms? Would you like to pass on the installation and maintenance to an authorized innovaphone partner with all the expert knowledge? Are you opposed to handing over full access to your data and settings to third parties?

If any of these aspects appeal to you, buying an innovaphone IP telephone system is a sound decision. For modern and future-oriented corporate communications, also for equipping the digital workplace, our system can be complemented with numerous UCC functionalities and collaboration tools including video conferencing, a chat messenger, desktop sharing, and many other features. Work and admin tools such as CRM & Office integration, reporting, internal / external directories, time controls and more can be added flexibly in form of individual apps to the collaborative work and communication platform innovaphone myApps.

When opting for the purchase of an innovaphone IP PBX system, you will receive an easy to install system that will always be up to date thanks to an optional maintenance package.

Buying a Business Telephone System – The Advantages at a Glance:

  • Independent: Once you buy a business telephone system, it belongs to you.

  • Individual: You decide what services and functions you need and you only pay for what is actually needed.

  • Simple: The system is easy to install and operate while it convinces with compactness.

  • Future-proof: Our innovaphone PBX undergoes continuous development and new features are added to adapt to changing trends and markets. This will allow you to modernize your business telephone system when required.

  • Versatile: The innovaphone PBX is not only a conventional IP telephone system but it also provides a comprehensive video conferencing solution that includes desktop sharing and invitation management, all without major technical effort or additional hardware.

  • Flexible & expandable: The IP PBX is scalable and will grow flexibly with your business. You can even add your own applications or 3rd party apps without hassle.



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Let us help you with the purchase of your new IP telephone system with UCC functionalities. Get an IP PBX phone system that is straightforward, compact, easy-to-use and that belongs 100% to your company.

More Benefits of Buying an innovaphone Business Telephone System:

How can you save money when buying an on-premises IP telephone system for your company?

Buying a telephone system does not necessarily mean that you have to make a large financial investment right on the spot. Instead, the purchase may be the better solution from a business perspective compared to renting.

Depreciation Methods when Buying a Business Telephone System

In general, bought systems have a longer depreciation period and the investment is spread over a long term. Depending on the country, you may be able to apply for subsidies for digital investments and digital equipment – however, these subsidies typically apply to the purchasing of a system and the equipment.

Amortization: When does the Purchase of a Telephone System Pay Off?

Typically, the purchase of a telephone system (including maintenance) is already cheaper after approximately 36 months compared to an equivalent rental system. Yet, many still hesitate buying an IP telephone system they would have for a prolonged period of time. This is due to the fear of being stuck with an outdated system shortly after the purchase since the changes in the field of IP telephony & UCC take place at a rapid pace.

Do you have similar thoughts or are you even worried that a bought system is no option for your business since your company continues to expand? Are you afraid that you will need a new telephone system to meet the growing number of employees and / or business sites before the system you bought is fully written off?

With an IP telephone system by innovaphone, there is no need to worry. The innovaphone PBX will flexibly expand with your growing business. It is seamlessly scalable and can be expanded as needed. Available functions are continuously enhanced and undergo further development. You also have the option to implement self-developed applications or 3rd party apps into your solution. This leads to long-term investment protection and makes our solution future-proof.


What are the technical advantages of buying an IP telephone system for your company?

In addition to the financial aspects in favor of buying an IP telephone system by innovaphone, there are also numerous technical and operational factors which bring many advantages. Here is a selection:

Save space: Not all IP telephone systems are the same. The innovaphone PBX does not require any servers. The lean gateways can be installed right next to the modem, eliminating additional investment costs and higher rental costs for space you no longer need. Further, operating costs and power consumption are kept low.

Easy operation: Operating the innovaphone PBX is not complicated and with a briefing, it can be ensured by your employees. innovaphone myApps provides various apps for administrators for the management of users and devices. Further, own developments can be added and central access to all devices can be set up – also for branch offices, subsidiaries and remote workplaces.

Enhanced stability: Even if a cloud solution (such as our innovaphone myApps Cloud) is operated in highly secure European data centers and offers the best possible protection against failures due to redundancy concepts, following applies: Operating a telephone system in-house may possibly offer better bandwidth and performance as well as increased stability due to the local real-time data streams.

What about keeping the software up to date?

You have the option to conclude a Software Service Agreement (SSA) with innovaphone. Your telephone system will then always be up to date with the latest software. This means that you are independent with regard to the hardware used, but you will still benefit from software updates from innovaphone.

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