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Call Analytics and Call Volume Reports

Following might be a situation that you are familiar with: you dial the phone number of a hotline and then you are stuck in a waiting queue for eternity, or all you get is the busy tone or the phone keeps ringing and ringing and nobody picks up. The outcome is that customers are dissatisfied and frustrated. Businesses can quite suffer from a damaged image if situations like these occur repeatedly.

Easy fix: the innovaphone Reports app provides valuable information and analytic insight based on individual queries and evaluations to plan capacities and resources according to peak times.

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What does the Reports App Offer?

The Reports app is a software tool used to analyze calls and calling patterns within a company. Filters can be configured individually to generate flexible telephony enquiries (e.g. by country, department or persons). A PDF export can be created for select call entries. It is further possible to create a specific evaluation according to defined times or time periods.

At what time of the day are most inbound calls received?

How long do callers wait on average until their call is answered?

What is the best way to compensate for peak times?

Which departments face the greatest bottlenecks and when do these bottlenecks occur?

How can companies ensure optimal performance of their telephony infrastructure?
Continuous analysis and evaluation of successfully answered, lost and rejected calls provides answers to these and many other questions and challenges concerning the telephony behavior within a company.

The results can be exported in various file formats to successfully process the extracted information.


Advantages of the Reports App

  • The quality of telephone services is improved on a long-term basis. Customer satisfaction is enhanced by avoiding bottlenecks at peak times.
  • Reliable planning in terms of telephone behavior, personnel and utilization of the telephony infrastructure. In addition to bottlenecks, overcapacity is also prevented.
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