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Usability: The User-Friendly Experience

Have you ever pulled on a door when you were actually supposed to push it? You are not the only person this has ever happened to. This phenomenon is indeed so common that it even has a name: “Norman Doors” – named after the usability expert Donald Norman....

Anna Sauer | 2024-05-29

What’s...? IT Terminology Explained (Part II)

We continue with our series “IT Terminology Explained.” As with part I of our series, we asked our colleagues to explain a few terms commonly used in ICT (information & communications technology). What is a PBX and what does “responsive web design” mean? ...

Patrycja Leinekugel | 2023-10-30 | 2023-10-30

The Million Jobs of Application Software

Do you remember the last time you held a map in your hands because you wanted to go places but did not know how to get there? When was the last time you filled out a transfer form and then actually took it to your bank? ...

Victoria Finkbeiner | 2023-09-18

New PBX, better security

When I remember one of the first voice system projects that I had the pleasure of implementing, I get goosebumps. And not because of the considerable complexity of the system, which included an Ascom paging system, PBX, DECT telephones and Wi-Fi. ...

Guest post Grandmetric sp. z o.o. | 2023-07-18

What do Your Company Building and Enterprise Communications Platform have in Common?

The term architecture is oftentimes used in context with phone systems, referring to its PBX architecture. The underlying principle with the architecture of buildings and, accordingly IT architecture, is following: Construction is carefully planned and provides stability...

Dr. Petra Wanner-Meyer & Alexandra Carballo | 2023-05-16

A Telephone System from the Cloud: Does the Perfect Cloud Architecture Exist?

Our colleague Klaus Wallnöfer will explain three oftentimes overlooked key elements of the cloud architecture that should be carefully considered...

Klaus Wallnöfer | 2023-04-17

What's...? IT Terminology Explained (Part I)

Imagine following situation: You may have already heard about businesses in Europe transitioning from ISDN to All IP. In this context, a specific terminology and technical terms such as VoIP, soft migration, SIP trunks, IP PBX and many more are used. ...

Patrycja Leinekugel | 2023-02-14

Turning the Local Community & Municipality into a Smart City

Local municipalities face daily challenges due to the heterogeneity of their numerous services, accommodating many different professions including: Civil registry, local police, fire department, daycares, schools, city planning, tourist information, leisure and sports...

Bénédicte Nuding | 2022-06-29

The Importance of Redundancy in Enterprise Communications

The objective of this blog post is to encourage you to think about your internal communication system and the infrastructure within your company. You may want to think about analyzing the system with the goal of securing the company infrastructure, your employees, business data as well as your own interests....

Patrycja Leinekugel | 2022-05-18

Is there an Ideal Solution to Indicate the Presence Status in the Client?

One important function of UCC solutions is the presence status displayed in the client because it may determine the further path of communication. Oftentimes, the presence information is supplemented by a text that contains more detailed information on the status. ...

Johannes Nowak | 2022-03-15

Switching from Landline to VoIP Technology – One Step at a Time

Up until a few years ago, the transition to All IP telephony seemed like something that was exclusively reserved to large companies equipping new office sites, negotiating new contracts with their telecommunications providers or modernizing their telephone systems. The objective was always the same:...

Bénédicte Nuding | 2021-11-25

A New Paradigm in Business Communications – The WebRTC Phenomenon

The open standard WebRTC (real-time communication) has been gaining in popularity and triggered quite a revolution in the field of business communications. WebRTC technology enables the transfer of voice packages, video images or desktop sharing (Application Sharing) in real-time from browser to browser. ...

Alexandra Carballo | 2021-11-09

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