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The Recording of Working Times – a Journey through History

Today, we would like to take you on a journey through the history and beginnings of working time recording – an ancient practice with its origins rooted long before our digital age. Have you ever heard about “Codex Hammurabi”? Did you know that there already was a device for time recording in the late 19th century? ...

Laura Toffali & Wendy Züffle | 2024-02-14

What’s...? IT Terminology Explained (Part II)

We continue with our series “IT Terminology Explained.” As with part I of our series, we asked our colleagues to explain a few terms commonly used in ICT (information & communications technology). What is a PBX and what does “responsive web design” mean? ...

Patrycja Leinekugel | 2023-10-30 | 2023-10-30

How Can the DNV Approval for the Maritime Industry be Obtained?

Our IP communications systems have been in use in the very demanding maritime sector for a long time now, thanks to their reliability and sturdy nature. With the DNV approval, we obtained an official and globally recognized certification which explicitly confirms the deployment of our products for such maritime purposes....

Bernd Riedl | 2023-08-08

What do Your Company Building and Enterprise Communications Platform have in Common?

The term architecture is oftentimes used in context with phone systems, referring to its PBX architecture. The underlying principle with the architecture of buildings and, accordingly IT architecture, is following: Construction is carefully planned and provides stability...

Dr. Petra Wanner-Meyer & Alexandra Carballo | 2023-05-16

What's...? IT Terminology Explained (Part I)

Imagine following situation: You may have already heard about businesses in Europe transitioning from ISDN to All IP. In this context, a specific terminology and technical terms such as VoIP, soft migration, SIP trunks, IP PBX and many more are used. ...

Patrycja Leinekugel | 2023-02-14

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