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Transparency within the Company - More than just a Trend

Transparency – A term we often encounter in the business world these days. Legislation requires more transparency. Employees wish for more transparency. Entrepreneurs strive for ways to create more transparency. What exactly is transparency, and why is it so important for companies?...

Bedih Adanur | 2024-06-19

Usability: The User-Friendly Experience

Have you ever pulled on a door when you were actually supposed to push it? You are not the only person this has ever happened to. This phenomenon is indeed so common that it even has a name: “Norman Doors” – named after the usability expert Donald Norman....

Anna Sauer | 2024-05-29

Vision Statement - innovaphone

A vision statement is an orientation and a guiding principle for businesses. It should inspire and motivate, and determine the direction of development for the company. Where is the journey headed for innovaphone?...

Dr. Petra Wanner-Meyer | 2023-12-11

innovaphone Dialogs 2023 – Looking Back

At last, our innovaphone Dialogs, our renowned event series exclusively for authorized innovaphone partners, took place again in person. For our dialogs, innovaphone travelled across Europe, offering 11 dates in 10 cities and 7 countries ...

Bénédicte Nuding & Wendy Züffle | 2023-06-26

Looking Back on innovaphone CONNECT 2022

We were beyond delighted to finally welcome our innovaphone partners, exhibitors, customers and innovaphone friends to our first live event after more than 2 years. The gates of the exhibition opened at 8.30 am, at the impressive halls of the Böblingen Motorworld...

Wendy Züffle | 2022-07-19

Interview with our Apprentices

This blog post is an interview with two of our apprentices here at innovaphone. We conducted the interview with one apprentice undergoing training to become an industrial clerk and one apprentice training to become an IT specialist. ...

Sebnem Sevimli & Benedikt Goerdt | 2022-01-20

Key Facts about our innovaphone Blog

Here at the innovaphone marketing department, we are a multi-national team that has joined forces to feed you with interesting news, expert knowledge and insider features concerning our core business: enterprise communications....

Dr. Petra Wanner-Meyer | 2021-09-15

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