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The Recording of Working Times – a Journey through History

Today, we would like to take you on a journey through the history and beginnings of working time recording – an ancient practice with its origins rooted long before our digital age. Have you ever heard about “Codex Hammurabi”? Did you know that there already was a device for time recording in the late 19th century? ...

Laura Toffali & Wendy Züffle | 2024-02-14

The Digital Future of Schools with innovaphone myApps

innovaphone myApps allows the teaching staff to bundle all relevant software tools and applications within one single and intuitive interface. These tools are presented in form of apps and are available to the entire class. These apps may contain digital classrooms, a chat messenger, social platform and more...

Bénédicte Nuding | 2024-01-15

What’s...? IT Terminology Explained (Part II)

We continue with our series “IT Terminology Explained.” As with part I of our series, we asked our colleagues to explain a few terms commonly used in ICT (information & communications technology). What is a PBX and what does “responsive web design” mean? ...

Patrycja Leinekugel | 2023-10-30 | 2023-10-30

The Million Jobs of Application Software

Do you remember the last time you held a map in your hands because you wanted to go places but did not know how to get there? When was the last time you filled out a transfer form and then actually took it to your bank? ...

Victoria Finkbeiner | 2023-09-18

What do Your Company Building and Enterprise Communications Platform have in Common?

The term architecture is oftentimes used in context with phone systems, referring to its PBX architecture. The underlying principle with the architecture of buildings and, accordingly IT architecture, is following: Construction is carefully planned and provides stability...

Dr. Petra Wanner-Meyer & Alexandra Carballo | 2023-05-16

A Telephone System from the Cloud: Does the Perfect Cloud Architecture Exist?

Our colleague Klaus Wallnöfer will explain three oftentimes overlooked key elements of the cloud architecture that should be carefully considered...

Klaus Wallnöfer | 2023-04-17

The Smart Communication Solution for the Maritime Industry

Digitization offers many opportunities to the maritime market. With the digital transformation of this industry, there is growing need for a reliable, stable and fast infrastructure that makes real-time data exchange possible....

Wendy Züffle | 2022-11-16

Data Protection Going Haywire

Invited to a web meeting, you click on the link, check your headset and camera, check your video image – is the hair under control - and let’s get going. Isn’t it crazy how the pandemic is responsible for us getting used to so many consecutive web conferences?...

Heiko Abmeyer | 2022-09-22

Turning the Local Community & Municipality into a Smart City

Local municipalities face daily challenges due to the heterogeneity of their numerous services, accommodating many different professions including: Civil registry, local police, fire department, daycares, schools, city planning, tourist information, leisure and sports...

Bénédicte Nuding | 2022-06-29

Digitization Processes in Businesses – How Crucial is the Corporate Culture?

By using digital tools, companies can monitor workflows and communication processes to improve efficiency within the business. The markets develop dynamically and ever shorter production cycles are imposed on businesses. ...

Martina Carraro | 2022-04-27

Switching from Landline to VoIP Technology – One Step at a Time

Up until a few years ago, the transition to All IP telephony seemed like something that was exclusively reserved to large companies equipping new office sites, negotiating new contracts with their telecommunications providers or modernizing their telephone systems. The objective was always the same:...

Bénédicte Nuding | 2021-11-25

Is Your Business Ready for the Digital Transformation?

Especially during times of a global pandemic, the digital transformation poses tremendous challenges for many companies. Work and business models that used to be typical in the past are now undergoing continual changes. This does not only apply to large enterprises but also small & mid-sized business are affected....

Victoria Finkbeiner | 2021-10-20

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