The Luxembourg Call Center LDL CONNECT SA now Uses the innovaphone Queue Monitor as an Analysis Tool

LDL CONNECT SA is a multilingual call center based in Pétange in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg that focuses on B2B telemarketing and outsourcing switchboards.  The company is working with an innovaphone PBX with the innovaphone Queue Monitor for call analysis in order to meet growing demands and to optimize the performance of the call center.

LDL CONNECT, a specialist in answering telephone calls and multilingual telemarketing, has been operating in Luxembourg for more than 17 years, just a few kilometres from the Belgian and French borders. A team of eight agents efficiently handles calls in five languages (Luxembourgish, French, German, English and Portuguese). The services offered include the outsourcing of telephone switchboards, telemarketing campaigns, following-up invitations, extending databases and creating customer satisfaction barometers for customers in the medical and healthcare sector as well as for SMEs and the public sector.

LDL CONNECT has been using a PBX since 2011, which meanwhile became outdated and no longer met the growing call management requirements. In search of a new, more modern and reliable solution, the Luxembourg "Créateur de contact" opted for an innovaphone Queue Monitor solution which was both secure and state of the art. "We wanted to provide our customers with a powerful call center which includes queues, waiting messages as well as answering machines and a queue monitor solution for our most important customers. We offer tailor-made, high-quality services – the new telephony solution should, of course, meet these criteria and satisfy the requirements," explains Yasmina Belarbi, system administrator at LDL CONNECT. The system specification also included implementing estos software, a longstanding innovaphone technology partner.

Implementing the innovaphone Solution


To ensure full redundancy, an innovaphone PBX was set up with an innovaphone IP6000 VoIP gateway with 2 PRI interfaces and SIP. This is a hybrid PBX that has SIP and ISDN and the possibility of backup via PRI, so that the call center could still be reached even if the internet connection were to fail.  Yasmina Belarbi highlights:  "Thanks to the innovaphone Queue Monitor, each of our customers is able to divert calls to a number assigned to them by the PBX, so that calls arrive in the customer’s queue and are then forwarded to the agents accordingly. The phones are connected via hot desking, so that the agents can log in from any phone with their password." The agents have two extensions each, 6xx for inbound calls and 7xx for outbound calls. The calls are monitored by the innovaphone Queue Monitor in 2 waiting queues each. Yasmina Belarbi continues: “All calls are processed by the estos software at the end of the month to generate statistics". An innovaphone IP22 analog adapter is used to connect analog fax machines.  In addition, LDL CONNECT deploys ten innovaphone IP222 design telephones with intuitive operation and Jabra headsets. The entire installation took just 2 ½ days - one day for pre-configuration and one day for on-site installation as well as half a day for training - no significant problems occurred during this time. 


Simple Call Center Administration with the innovaphone Queue Monitor

The innovaphone Queue Monitor (iQM) allows information from the innovaphone PBX to be collected in real time and displayed concisely in a chart. The iQM enables the telephone system load to be assessed optimally and simultaneously signals problematic load peaks. Waiting queues can be monitored in real time thus allowing the customer to react immediately. A variety of alarm and early warning functions allow iQM to identify critical thresholds so that bottlenecks can be anticipated and eliminated at an early stage, thus ensuring that no telephone call is lost. This allows LDL CONNECT agents to reduce waiting times, thereby improving customer satisfaction. The iQM also collects information about the duration of the queue, inbound calls and also informs how many callers have put the phone down whilst waiting. This information enables an individual and conclusive analysis of the telephone service.

9 out of 10 Points for innovaphone

Those responsible and the agents at LDL CONNECT appreciate the improvements brought by the new solution. "The innovaphone IP telephones are easy to operate via hot desking with the Jabra headsets which are connected to the USB port on the back of the telephones.  Our agents appreciate the flexibility in managing inbound calls, the possibility to adjust available lines and the efficiency of remote maintenance. The innovaphone Queue Monitor has definitely improved the quality of our call center", says Yasmina Belarbi.  When asked about employee satisfaction with the new solution, she answers: "We give the innovaphone solution 9 out of 10 points!  As our slogan expresses so well: Telephony is our core competence!"

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