Rcarré SA Distributes the innovaphone myApps Communication Solution and Uses myApps Internally

With more than 450 active customers in 2021 in Luxembourg, Belgium and France, Rcarré is an authoritative player in the sphere of IT services. Founded in 2001, Rcarré & Rcube offers a range of comprehensive IT solutions and services, combined with solid experience and the capability to be adapted to companies of all sizes: small and medium-sized enterprises as well as corporations. Having been certified as an innovaphone partner for over 15 years, Rcarré & Rcube is a true believer in the quality of the German manufacturer’s products and also markets and uses the innovaphone myApps communication and collaboration platform itself - including the Microsoft Teams integration.


main building of RCarre in frontview

Rcarré has seen strong growth in recent years and now employs over 130 permanent members of staff at three locations - Herstal in Belgium, Metz in France and Capellen (head office) in Luxembourg - as well as sales representatives working remotely. The Luxembourg-based company’s services revolve around cloud, process compliance, data security, equipment financing and technical resources, among others. "We have been a VoIP integrator for over 15 years. From the very beginning, we chose the innovaphone solution because of how simple it is to use and manage and it has a wide range of integration options. Therefore, the innovaphone solution has been meeting all the requirements of our customers since 2001," explains Jean-François Montuir, Telecom Manager at Rcarré.


innovaphone myApps - Efficient Tools for Collaboration

The compact, reliable, virtual innovaphone PBX platform IPVA (innovaphone Virtual Appliance) is hosted in the Rcarré data center and provides all the functionalities of a modern IP Telephony and Unified Communications (UC) system. The innovaphone Switchboard app (computer-based switchboard software) is used for answering and managing calls professionally and efficiently. innovaphone’s collaborative chat and video conferencing tools have enormous potential and have significantly improved internal communication, speeding up and optimizing processes, such as the flood of emails which have now been replaced by the faster chat and more user-friendly video conferencing. The Telecom Manager adds, "As a result, we are improving efficiency and not losing business opportunities. The flexibility of the myApps application was very convincing as it is open to external developments via its SDK, and has a unified, simple and cross-device user interface. Additional features such as call recording and the switchboard interface for managing calls on hold are just some of the benefits that made it easy for us to integrate this product at our customers’ businesses.” Rcarré also uses and offers an automated call answering and routing system with pre-recorded professional messages via its studio http://studio.rcarre.com.


No Interruptions during Lockdown Thanks to the innovaphone myApps Solution

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the innovaphone solution was able to ensure that business continued as usual for Rcarré and all of its customers by allowing them to work remotely from their home office during lockdown. "During the pandemic, many customers had to adapt their communication systems in order to quickly switch to home office mode, but now businesses will also have to deal with analog and ISDN connections shutting down in Luxembourg as is planned for 2024,” adds Jean-François Montuir.  Customers who still have copper lines and want to switch to a VoIP solution can seamlessly migrate their number to Rcarré, resulting in a significant saving on their telecom costs, while keeping an eye on their spend via the innovaphone Reports app. This app analyzes the successful, missed and rejected calls and provides information about the company’s calling patterns.

Integrating innovaphone myApps and Microsoft Teams - the Best of Both Worlds

In order to keep up with technological developments and add an extra dimension to collaboration, the Luxembourg-based integrator has worked with integrator Anynode (another innovaphone partner) to integrate Microsoft Teams into its innovaphone communication solutions via an SBC hosted in the Rcarré cloud.  The innovaphone / Microsoft Teams solution enables communication between the three locations or remote workplaces (home office, customer visit, business trip, ...) as if it were one single structure. Thus, no additional costs are incurred for internal communication, and external communication runs via a SIP trunk thanks to a partnership with a Luxembourg SIP provider.  This combination has made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of telephone calls while providing customers with a high-quality service.


Benefits for Customers

For Rcarré’s customers, the innovaphone solution brings fast, efficient and accurate communication via a steady and powerful data transmission and communication infrastructure, which is hosted in the Rcarré cloud. Jean-François Montuir draws his conclusion, "The V13 software version with the innovaphone concept of hybrid working, Microsoft Teams integration and virtualization of appliances in our data center are really interesting features. This enables greater mobility and enables employees to work smoothly and productively from home. This is also a sign that it is a really simple and intuitive solution, both in terms of usage and daily management."

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