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2024-06-24 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: ESENTA & Internet Radio by MediaRunway

ESENTA Door communication - THINKING AHEAD! A wide range of options, simple operation, central configuration of doorbell plates. Uncomplicated voice and video via WebRTC as an alternative to SIP.

Please visit the innovaphone Wiki for more detailed information on the ESENTA App.


Internet Radio allows to pick your favorites from many radio stations. During phone calls, the radio gets muted automatically, so you can concentrate on the phone call. When the phone call ends, the radio resumes.

Please visit the innovaphone Wiki for more detailed information on the Internet Radio App.

2024-06-21 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Room Manager by Mediterranean Consulting

Room Manager is an application that allows you to manage the check-in and check-out of hotel clients. It also allows you to manage the control of the cleaning status of the rooms.

The main functions of the room manager are the following:

  • room management
  • registration of clients in the room
  • check-in and check-out
  • filter of available rooms
  • filter of clean rooms

The room cleaning control can be managed from the app and also allows you to change the status by using a combination of keys on the room telephone. With an intuitive interface, it allows the hotel reception to have complete control of the status of the rooms


Please visit the innovaphone Wiki for more detailed information on the Room Manager App.

2024-03-18 | Newsticker
NEW: Queue Board App – The Call Center Solution for Your Business


Are you looking for a call center solution that you can operate in house? Would you like to have an efficient monitoring tool for inbound calls in order to reduce waiting times and to better manage waiting queues?

The Queue Board App - now an item on the innovaphone price list – helps businesses to improve availability, to monitor the waiting queues and to obtain a visual overview. The call center software is accessed directly from the myApps interface and interconnected with the innovaphone PBX and the myApps app platform. Therefore, no additional components are required.

Please note: The Queue Board App replaces our innovaphone Queue Monitor (iQM).


What are my options if I have been using the innovaphone Queue Monitor up until now?

If you concluded an SSA (Software Service Agreement) together with the innovaphone Queue Monitor, you can simply trade in your iQM licenses for new Queue Board App licenses. You will receive:

  • 1x WQ license | PBX-Service(mediarunway-queueboard-admin)
  • 8x User licenses | PBX-App(mediarunway-queueboard-user)
  • 1x Supervisor license | PBX-App(mediarunway-queueboard-supervisor)


I would like to continue using the iQM – is that possible?

Yes, you can continue using the iQM. Please note, however, that the iQM will not undergo any further development since we provide a modern and performant alternative with the Queue Board App.

Important notice: It is not possible to use both tools (iQM & Queue Board App) simultaneously.

Is the range of functions identical with both products?

The Queue Board app is an entirely new product. There may be deviations in terms of functionality and handling. The UI of the Queue Board App is fully integrated into myApps – this is not the case with the iQM. The Queue Board App further enables the management and visualization of multiple waiting queues simultaneously.


By the way: The Queue Board App was developed by our app partner MediaRunway. The app convinced us, so we added it straight to our price list.


Get more details on the Queue Board App.

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2024-01-24 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Analytics App & Share App by MediaRunway (Free Beta Versions)


Analytics is the simple, comprehensive and visualized way of evaluating calls to reduce unanswered calls and to optimize your business processes. You can easily keep track of a lot of data, mobile on a smartphone or on your pc monitor or a big screen for everyone.

The app is currently in the beta phase and can be tested free of charge.

Please visit our innovaphone Wiki for more information on the Analytics App.


Share allows you to exchange files that are too large for e-mails. There are many other good reasons to rather share files with the Share App: Encrypted, password-protected and limitable file transfer via your OWN system.

During the beta phase (until February 29th, 2024), the app can be used for free.

Please visit our innovaphone Wiki for more information on the Share App.

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