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2023-11-20 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Favorite Contacts, Hotdesk & Phone Control by MediaRunway

Favorite Contacts: Individual contacts can be organized into groups. Communication across different departments and sites becomes faster and more convenient.

Please visit our innovaphone Wiki for more details on the Favorite Contacts App


Hotdesk: Registers a phone to a specific user with one single mouse click, making it easier to switch flexibly between different workstations. The registration can be carried out either by the user via the myApps client or automatically via Windows login (local PC login and terminal server). Tested with innovaphone and SNOM phones.

Please visit our innovaphone Wiki for more details on the Hotdesk App


Phone Control: Allows the user to mute the ringtone of the phone at the remote workplace while at the office and vice versa. The user also gets a list of phone devices where he / she is currently logged in.

Please visit our innovaphone Wiki for more details on the Phone Control App

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2023-09-18 | Newsticker
New in the innovaphone App Store: WordGuess App and Calculator App (Beta)


Sometimes, you just need a quick break to get your mind off things. So, grab a cup of coffee, guess the daily word and extend your vocabulary in a fun way with the innovaphone WordGuess app

The new innovaphone WordGuess app is available free of charge and will let you guess new words every day. With the app, you can select the length of the word (from 4 to 8 letters per word) as well as the language.

Test the app in our innovaphone Community

Use the Calculator app for simple calculations such as additions, subtractions, divisions or multiplications and much more. Trigonometric functions as well as angle measures and calculations with various number systems (decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal) are additional functions of the app.

Our Calculator app is now available in our innovaphone Community. Here, you can test the app with the various functions on any device.

Share your Feedback in our Beta Forum

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2023-07-31 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Working App – Easy to Install & Legally Compliant


The innovaphone Working app provides a smart solution to track working times in a digital and efficient manner. With the Working app, employees can easily document their working hours and submit these to HR. The Working app is the ideal tool for employees to digitally document their working hours via desktop, browser or smartphone.

Working times and break times are recorded in real-time. Once entries are submitted, they can no longer be edited, making them tamperproof. The app automatically considers general legal guidelines for working hours, required breaks and resting times, as well as work on Sundays and public holidays. Additionally, it is easy for HR to determine whether any action is required. As with all innovaphone products, data protection and security are always in the focus.


Please visit our website for more detailed information on the innovaphone Working app.

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2023-06-26 | Newsticker
NEW in the innovaphone App Store: Callback Manager App by effexx


Sometimes, there are call flows with multiple nested waiting queues. The app works differently than a queue monitor. It adapts to the existing waiting queues and their interconnection.
You can define if the queue should only be counted or missed calls should also be recorded in the callback queue.
With the Callback Manager app, the calls of waiting queues are recorded and displayed in a daily history. Missed calls can be commented and processed from a list.
The app can monitor multiple waiting queues at the same time and summarize them in one overview. Agents can start the call directly on the app. The default device of myApps is used here. Calls from the same caller within a group are totaled and combined. For contact identification, the app uses the reverse lookup of the PBX.


Please refer to our overview of all apps for more details.

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2023-06-19 | Newsticker
Available Soon in the innovaphone App Store: myPhoneKeys App by innovaphone
Available Soon in the innovaphone App Store: myPhoneKeys App by innovaphone


The new myPhoneKeys app is an admin tool, replacing the website myPhoneKeys. Any innovaphone desk phone can be displayed and configured remotely with this new app.

The three central functions are following:

  • innovaphone IP phones from the Devices API are displayed
  • The display of an innovaphone IP phone is shown remotely, within the app
  • The IP phone can be fully operated remotely

The app further displays the connection status of the configured device, and the keyboard type can be switched by the user.

The myPhoneKeys app allows users to operate any registered innovaphone desk phone remotely, without having to be on site.

Please note: The innovaphone myPhoneKeys app will be available with the next service release.

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