Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC)
Communication Has Never Been So Easy

WebRTC is a topic that everyone in IT media is talking about. There is talk of a completely new way of communicating, some experts even call it a revolution! But what is WebRTC all about?

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC stands for "Web Real-Time Communication" and it is a new open standard. It allows common web browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Edge) to transfer voice, video and application sharing from browser to browser in real-time. This means that with WebRTC, you can communicate with other users directly over the Internet, ad hoc and without additional plug-ins or programmes.

What Do I Need in Order to Use WebRTC?

The technical requirements to use WebRTC are easy: in addition to using a web browser that supports WebRTC technology, all you need is access permission to your existing webcam, the microphone and the speakers on your PC or notebook. Using WebRTC is completely free of charge as WebRTC uses license-free codecs (Opus and VP8).

How Safe is WebRTC for Business Use?

Transfer takes place using SRTP (secure real-time transport protocol) together with a specifically negotiated direct connection. This allows the communication stream to be transfered directly from browser to browser without a streaming server in between. WebRTC establishes point-to-point connections (via STUN and ICE protocols) and guarantees a particularly safe encryption via DTLS. Typically, there are also no user accounts required with WebRTC. Absolutely no personal data need to be supplied. WebRTC is safe and therefore perfectly suited for business applications.

WebRTC by innovaphone

innovaphone’s innovative strength did not stop at the subject of WebRTC. innovaphone is one of the first VoIP manufactures to fully integrate the WebRTC standard into its Unified Communications solution, i.e. innovaphone end devices support all protocols, encryptions and codecs.

WebRTC is simply integrated into the flexible, browser-based UC client myApps. Users can not only choose from the existing desk phones and mobile devices but also WebRTC. innovaphone’s special note: WebRTC is consistently supported on all devices.

WebRTC as Mobility Solution

Integrating WebRTC means the innovaphone Mobility concept is complemented by another important aspect. No matter where the employee is located, a public internet connection and a computer of any kind with a browser (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge) that supports the WebRTC standard are the only things needed to immediately create a workplace on your company’s innovaphone PBX. Absolutely no installation is required. It just takes one click to start the myApps client, and the employee is ready for work. As usual, the full myApps features are available such as Audio and Video telephony (WebRTC Video) as well as Application Sharing, also when using WebRTC.

This simple way makes it possible for every customer, employee and interested party to temporarily become a fully-fledged subscriber to the innovaphone PBX via websites, thus being able to use the different applications easily and intuitively  - with maximum security and absolutely no call charges.

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