Voicemail App
The Modern Answering Machine for Your Business

In this day and age, it is simply not possible to answer every single phone call. Customers and colleagues cannot get a hold of you on the phone if you are away from the desk, for example in meetings, at events or if you are already on the phone with someone else.

With the innovaphone Voicemail app, callers can leave a message when calling. The user has access to these calls and may listen to the messages at any time. Important information will not get lost and the user can initiate a callback straight away.

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What does the Voicemail App Offer?

The Voicemail app offers access to the voicemail box. All voicemails are clearly arranged within the app and the user can individually select the voicemails that shall be played back. Voice-to-mail is also possible. Voicemails are sent to the user via e-mail as WAV file. These voicemail messages can be edited and saved conveniently.

Use the Voicemail app to play back, delete and save voicemails and to initiate a callback.  

Group Function of the Voicemail App

Group voicemails can be set up in the PBX Manager via a new button. All users that have been added to a group and that shall receive a notification can easily be added to a list (entries separated by comma).

Voicemail Encryption

Voicemails can be encrypted via AES-256 in the App Platform database. An “encryption key” is configured for the Voicemail PBX object. The App Platform database will use this key to encrypt the voicemails. Alarm settings can also be configured. Please note: Should the key get lost voicemails can no longer be decrypted.

Advantages of the Voicemail App

  • Individual playback of voicemails
  • If requested, the user can be notified via e-mail as soon as new voicemails are available
  • New voicemails are indicated via badge count at the Voicemail app icon
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