Features of the Working App
Overview of the Various Functions

Idea and Usage of the Working App

Are you looking for a software tool to digitally record the working times within your business in order to comply with legal obligations? Is the working time model within your company trust-based and do you want to continue to offer your employees full flexibility? Would you like a time-tracking tool with which HR can easily manage the working times of employees? Then look no further: The innovaphone Working app is the ideal tool to digitally record the working times.

The idea behind the Working app is to provide a smart and user-friendly solution that helps companies and employees to record working hours in a legally compliant manner and with as little effort as possible. The Working app has no unnecessary frills and gimmicks. It is lean yet includes all required functions for the legally compliant recording of working times.

Screenshot der Working AppScreenshot der Working App

Legally Compliant Time Tracking

Digital Recording of Working Times
  • Digitally record working times - accurately and down to the minute
  • Times can be recorded anywhere: when on the go, working remotely from home or at the office 
  • Ideal for any device such as desktop computers, tablets or smartphones
  • Working times and absences can be accounted for and edited, if required
  • Highly transparent and accurate: Employees are able to check on working times and break times
  • All recorded times are private and editable until they are actively submitted by the employee
  • Working times can no longer be edited or deleted once they have been submitted
  • It is possible to release records to the respective employee for re-editing purposes, for example if an error occurred
Notifications within the App Help with Legal Stipulations
  • Automatic notifications and hints directly within the Working app help employees to comply to legal regulations. They simultaneously help HR to check for violations.
  • Employees receive a reminder within the Working app if a break is due, if the daily maximum of working hours is about to be exceeded and not to work on Sundays / public holidays / during vacation
  • It is possible to deactivate the hints and notifications

tamper-proof recording
of working times

Screenshots der Working App auf dem PC und dem SmartphoneScreenshots der Working App auf dem PC und dem Smartphone

Reduced Admin Workload for the HR Department

  • Data of all working times can be managed more efficiently thanks to automated processes, resulting in more time for strategic tasks
  • The Working app facilitates the collecting, checking and processing of the working times
  • Employees are reminded of submitting their recorded working times to HR directly within the app
  • Employees already receive notifications on legal stipulations during the recording process
  • Should notifications not be taken into account, HR will be able to see at one glance where action needs to be taken
App Users are Quickly Created
  • If employees are already registered to the innovaphone PBX, the IT admin can easily provide them with the required Working app license to digitally record their own working times directly via the app
  • Employees using the Working app are automatically added to the Working Manager view for the HR department or the responsible manager
  • Default working times are entered for each employee - these can be adjusted flexibly any time according to the contractual agreement
Listing of Deviations from Legal Stipulations
  • Working times which violate working time regulations are displayed in a separate list below the tab "to check"
  • HR can check at one glance which regulations have been violated to get in touch with the respective employee

automated processes save time

Screenshot einer Mitarbeiterübersicht in der Working Admin AppScreenshot einer Mitarbeiterübersicht in der Working Admin App

User-Friendly and Flexible Recording of Working Times

Easily Record Working Times
  • Clicking on the start / stop button begins with the recording of the working times, pauses the recording and finishes the recording when the workday is completed
  • Optional push notifications help with the proper recording of working times
  •  Automatic start / stop function: The working times can be recorded automatically when myApps is started / stopped
  • Working times can be adjusted manually if an error has occurred (for example if the user forgot to begin with or finish the recording)
  • User-friendly and intuitive app directly within the myApps working environment
Overview of the Hours Worked
  • The recording of the current day is conveniently displayed
  • Overview of the daily / weekly / monthly working hours recorded
  • Notifications on break times and rest periods
  • Calendar view and day view of target working hours and actual working hours

convenient tool
to record working times

Screenshot der Working AppScreenshot der Working App

Supporting Trust-Based Working Times

  • The workload of HR departments is relieved thanks to notifications - these help with the checking of working time regulations
  • There is no need to constantly check the working times
  • Until employees actively submit the working times, these times remain fully private
  • Automatic notifications remind employees that the working times need to be submitted on a regular basis
  • Deviations from legal regulations are easily spotted

The focus of the Working app is not the possibility to check employee working hours. Rather, it is about the uncovering of illicit deviations from companies’ duties of companies to comply to legal regulations. The Working app covers all types of working time models (trust-based, part-time, full-time) and provides an efficient and intuitive software tool to record working times.


Feature Highlights

✓  Legally compliant time recording
✓  Digital recording of working times in real-time
✓  Punch clock function
✓  Live synchronization on all end devices
✓  Submit working hours with one single click
✓  Calendar view
✓  Absences can be entered (e.g. vacation, sick leave)
✓  Overview of target working times and actual working times
✓  Account with working times
✓  Tamper-proof submission of working times
✓  Working times can be edited manually
✓  Notifications on legal regulations
✓  Overview of working times submitted by the employees
✓  Extra tab for entries which need to be checked
✓  Notifications if entries deviate from legal regulations
✓  Administration of employee numbers
✓  User accounts can be deleted
✓  Various working time models can be accounted for
✓  Default working times can be adjusted
✓  Configuration of automatic break times
✓  Automatic reminder to submit the working times
✓  Automatic start / stop function for automatic recording of working times
Optional push notifications

✓  Automatic reminders to submit the working times can be configured
✓  Reports on working times can be sent automatically via e-mail
✓  Automatic e-mail reports can be configured
✓  CSV export and import of user configurations, working times and absences

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