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Highlights of the New Software V13r3 – Part 2


Here we go with the second part of our release highlights. The third and last part will follow in our next newsletter, so make sure to stay tuned.



innovaphone Conferencing & Conference App:
Join Virtual myApps Meetings, Plan myApps Meetings & Invite Others


In our last newsletter, we highlighted the unified multi-video UI and other changes within our Phone apps. Of course, also participants of virtual myApps meetings will profit from these changes. The new innovaphone Conferencing has even more goodies awaiting you:


Schedule myApps Meetings & Invite Internal and External Participants to Meetings

Plan myApps meetings and generate invitations to these virtual meetings directly within the Conference app. External participants can join the online meeting via a web link and without having to install any software or plug-in. Users can also generate a calendar entry with all relevant information on the meeting and on how to participate. This calendar entry can then be sent out as an invitation to the meeting.


Presence Status in Real-Time

Once a user dials into a myApps meeting using the Phone app or Softphone app, this will be displayed within the presence information in myApps. If someone tries to call this user, either the busy signal will be heard or the call will be forwarded according to the user settings – if this function has previously been activated.


Online Meetings or Hybrid Meetings – Utmost Flexibility with innovaphone Conferencing

The admin determines who has access to which conference room. A user can be assigned as many conference rooms as desired. Each room, indicated with its own icon, can then be added to the myApps home screen for quick access. The badge count at the app icon indicates how many people have entered the virtual conference room. This allows users to see how many people are present in the meeting before even entering the virtual room. Physical meeting rooms are thus perfectly simulated: Whether virtually or physically on site - you can see who is already in a room and then simply enter it.


By the way: Our myApps meetings provide end to end encryption. In order to avoid unauthorized access to a conference room, it is also possible to create an individual PIN. This PIN is then required when dialing into the virtual room.


Please visit our website for more detailed information on the innovaphone Conference app & innovaphone Conferencing solution.



myApps Client: Pinning Apps & App Focus


Is it sometimes difficult to keep track with the growing number of available apps? We have good news for you. With our new software version, you can now go ahead and pin often used apps to your myApps task bar. Every pinned app will be displayed permanently within the task bar at the bottom of the client. This also applies when the user closes the app and even if the computer on which the myApps client is used is shut down and started up again at a later point. This allows for quick access to all apps used on a daily basis.


Do you mainly use myApps as telephony and UCC client? In this case, we would like to recommend the function app focus. This goes one step further than the previously described pin function. Select any app you please and place it into the app focus right next to your home button in myApps. This one app will then be fixed to your task bar.


Here is an example: If you select the Softphone app and set it into the app focus, the interface of the Softphone app will open up automatically instead of your home screen once you start myApps. Should you close apps within myApps, you will also end up in the app that was set for the focus. myApps power users can place the focus on any app via drag & drop.


By the way: No matter what app has been placed into focus, you can now check and edit your own presence status directly within this app.


Take a look at the demo video of our colleague Lars for more details on pinning apps and on how to place the focus on an app.



New Video Available: Watch our V13r3 Launch Webinar


Here is the next video we would like to share with you. We recently hosted a webinar to highlight the release of our new software V13r3. Should you have missed the launch webinar with our colleagues Christian and Alex, you can now watch it in full length online.


Watch the video now.



Maximum Reliability – The Redundancy Concept by innovaphone


“Redundancy is the duplication of critical components or functions of a system with the intention of increasing reliability of the system - usually in the form of a backup […] - or to improve actual system performance.” (Source: Wikipedia)


Communication is one of the most crucial functional units in a business. It secures the internal flow of information within a business, as well as communication with customers and business partners. Outage of the communication system may have enormous economic effects on businesses. The impact on productivity and employee satisfaction may be tremendous. Therefore, a redundancy concept for enterprise communications is of particular significance.


This is a straightforward assumption that should not leave too much leeway for discussion. However, it quickly becomes evident that there are different types of redundancy and that a well-functioning redundancy concept consists of numerous different components.


Read our newsticker on the innovaphone Redundancy Concept and get more details on the various different components.



Webinar Series of our Technology Partners & App Partners: XQTING


Select technology partners & app partners introduce themselves and their products. Learn about the possibilities of enhancing innovaphone solutions with the versatile products of our technology partners & app partners.


Following webinar will take place this March:


XQTING | EasyConnect – quick & seamless integration with your innovaphone PBX

Friday, March 3rd, 2023 | 10.30 am


Dates & registration

innovaphone CONNECT BRAZIL 2023 powered by Wecom


We are happy to announce the first "innovaphone CONNECT BRAZIL 2023 powered by Wecom" trade show.


Discover the collaborative work & communications solutions by innovaphone at this event promoted by Wecom, our partner in Brazil. Learn about the latest news on UC&C, security, federation, digital workplace, video conferencing and more…


Location: Gramado - RS | Brazil

Date: March 14th - March 16th, 2023


Please visit our website for more information on this event

innovaphone Sales Trainings: Get to Know our Company and Products!


The regularly held sales trainings are the perfect opportunity to become more acquainted with the company innovaphone, with our product philosophy, innovaphone products and especially with our communications client myApps. Although this offer is primarily aimed at prospective and existing innovaphone partners, everybody else is also cordially welcome to join in.


Please visit our website for more detailed information and to register online.

innovaphone in Practice: innovaphone’s UCC Solution Enables Easy Migration to Voice over IP


The customer:

Located in the district of Carcassonne in the South of France, the small town of Alzonne has just over 1,500 inhabitants.


The challenge:

  • Modernizing the town administration’s communication infrastructure
  • Digitizing the services and migrating to All IP
  • Reduction of communication costs


The solution:

  • Smooth migration to VoIP with the innovaphone PBX to transition from the analog network to SIP
  • Two analog interfaces to connect the fax machines
  • Fifteen innovaphone IP112 end devices with USB interface for headsets, Gigabit Ethernet connection and a wide range of additional functions
  • IP1202 DECT base station with 4 voice channels for the integration of the medical centre, which is also attached to the town hall


What the customer says:
“The huge advantage of the new VoIP architecture is that all communication between the municipal buildings is free of charge. In addition, all municipal buildings are connected by a homogeneous numbering plan. (…) By installing the innovaphone VoIP system we have pre-empted the end of ISDN. We are implementing a future-oriented and GDPR-compliant infrastructure, and consistently in line with our requirements and budget."

(Régis Banquet, mayor of Alzonne)


Read the full case study & take a look at other innovaphone case studies.



Highlights of the Service Release V13r3 SR2


  • Switchboard app: sending contact information via e-mail & call-back requests during an active call
  • myApps meetings for external participants via browser: Notification on missing channel licenses
  • Improved IPVA network performance under Hyper-V
  • OAuth2 now works with Microsoft Azure

Visit our newsticker for more detailed information on the release notes of V13r3 SR2.



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