Quick Installation Guide for innovaphone Gateways and Analog Adapters


When installing the device, please ensure it has sufficient ventilation, especially when the device is installed in a closed cabinet. A special frame for 19” racks is available for mounting two devices in one height unit. (product number 01-00999-001). The device is only designed for use in dry rooms. Operating temperature is between 0 °C and 45 °C with relative humidity of 10 % to 90 % (non-condensing). Hardware problems can occur if the device is used in environments outside of this range. Please wait until the device has adapted to the new environment before carefully putting the device into operation.

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Reduce the risk of accidents by laying the connecting cables carefully. Take care not to bend, pull or put too much mechanical strain on all connecting cables.

Power supply

The power is supplied by Power over Ethernet (PoE) according to IEEE 802.3af or (POE+) according to IEEE 802.3at, depending on the device. The device is switched on as soon as it is connected to the power supply and the LED labelled Ready is illuminated. The device cannot be operated if the network fails. However, the device maintains its settings.


Use an Ethernet cable to connect the device to your network. Device configuration takes place over a web browser using the device’s IP address. There are various different ways of putting a device into operation and assigning an IP address to it. Initially, the device will try to establish a connection to the DHCP server. If this is possible and the device is in the same subnet, the NetBIOS method can be used. The NetBIOS name is made up of the device model and part of the MAC address as follows: IPXXX-YY-YYYY, whereby the symbol X should be replaced with the device model name and the symbol Y with the last three Byte of the gateway‘s MAC address(e.g. IP6010-06-15-B2 or IP28-05-14-B1). The MAC address can be found on the sticker at the back of the device. If your device is in a different subnet, access can take place over the IP address. You can determine which IP address has been assigned with the help of the MAC address from the DHCP lease. If it is not possible to set up a connection to a DHCP server, it is necessary to short press the Reset button. This assigns a static IP address to both Ethernet ports – either (ETH0) or (ETH1). Please note: the computer needs to be in the same subnet.


When logging in for the first time, you will be redirected automatically to innovaphone install. It supports initial configuration of the device. On the first page of innovaphone install, the configuration mode can be selected. It may vary, depending on the gateway type. Following can be chosen: new installation of a system, addition to an existing system, update & network settings or manual configuration.
With every step, the possibilities will be explained in the window on the right. If you select the new installation of a system, you can choose whether the innovaphone App Platform is to be installed on the gateway or on an external VM. In the next step, network settings and firmware update of the gateway will be configured. Then, the first user account with admin rights is created, identification of the PBX defined, DNS names for the PBX & innovaphone App Platform determined.
Further, the Voicemail apps in the required languages can be activated and the respective phone number prefixes for the installation can be configured. The next window will display the emergency admin passwords. Please keep these passwords safe. In the next step, an SMTP (mail) server can be configured, required e.g. for 2 factor authentication.
Then, the required apps will be installed on the innovaphone App Platform and configured. The last step is the installation of the PBX certificate and the App Platform certificate in the browser and restarting of the system. Basic installation is now completed and you can register with the newly created user at the innovaphone myApps client for further configurations. Please visit our innovaphone Wiki for more information on the configuration of your gateway.

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Your innovaphone device‘s confi guration is password protected. As soon as you have entered the NetBIOS_name or the IP address in the browser, a login window opens automatically. You must enter your user name and password here. The pre-set user name in default state is admin. The password is derived from the product name of the device in lowercase letters. The browser goes to the confi guration wizard the fi rst time it is accessed. The wizard will help you in the initial confi guration steps providing support for the essential basic confi guration of your innovaphone device. On the fi rst page of the Wizard you can defi ne the log-in parameters for the network IP address, network mask, standard gateway and VLAN ID. If these fi elds are left empty, the gateway is confi gured as a DHCP client. To avoid unauthorised access you should also change the confi guration log-in details on this page. The second page of the wizard enables the license fi le to be imported. If you do not have a current license, it is possible to input this at a later date in the web interface general/license area. If you are configuring a gateway for operating an innovaphone PBX, you can now use the wizard to undertake initial confi gurations on the PBX. For example, you can determine the master / slave mode for a device. In the master mode you assign a system name for all the installations in the PBX network and an own name for this PBX. It is also possible to assign a prefix for an external line and to set up the first subscribers. In the slave mode you enter the log-in parameters for the master.

The next pages show how to confi gure the diff erent interfaces on your device and a trunk access via SIP. The settings are again shown to you on the last page of the wizard. Please check them. You are able to go back and make changes to settings made on previous pages. End the Wizard by pressing Finish. After the reset you will be forwarded to the device’s general administration. Further information on the confi guration of your gateway can be found under innovaphone Wiki.


There are four ways of resetting an innovaphone gateway or analog adapter. A short reset reboots the device. The reset button should not be pressed for longer than 2 seconds. The configuration data is retained. Should the Reset button be pressed for 2 to 6 seconds, the device will change to the Mini firmware mode. This mode makes it possible to change from non-booting firmware to Mini firmware. The Web interface of the Mini firmware allows new firmware to be installed on the device. Press the Reset button for 6 to 12 seconds and the device does not reboot, instead it changes to the TFTP mode in order to carry out commands via gwload (see innovaphone Wiki). There are two ways to leave the TFTP mode: either unplug the device for a few seconds or perform a short reset. In order to perform a long reset, it is necessary to press the reset button for longer than 12 seconds. This deletes the flash memory and the device is returned to default settings. The device then goes into TFTP mode. The device’s LED flashes until the memory has been completely deleted. Please do not reset the device while this is in progress and do not remove the power supply.
Attention! Please be careful how long you press the reset button to avoid restoring the default settings by mistake!

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