What is myApps?
The Answer to this Question has Several Components...

myApps Is More than Merely a UC Client.

The communications client myApps by innovaphone fulfills all the functions of a Unified Communications client. Do you want to use a client that looks the same and is operated in exactly the same manner on all devices, no matter whether you are using your smartphone or a Windows computer? Do you wish for a client with which you can chat, make phone calls, share your screen contents, make video conferences, fax, operate and listen to your voicemails and that lets you check the Presence status of your colleagues’ calendars – all with one uniform interface? With myApps, you have access to all these functionalities. They are all located in your myApps client, in form of individual apps.  Watch the video workspace 4.0 with myApps


myApps Further Simplifies the Operation of Your innovaphone PBX.

There are more apps in your myApps communications environment. The apps for administrators help to install, configurate and monitor your PBX. This does not only apply to the PBX itself but also to the distribution, configuration and connection of telephones and other end devices. It does not matter whether you have an on-site installation or a cloud solution, myApps offers apps that help you with the administration of users and locations.


myApps - Your Work Environment.

Communication is essential to our daily business. The better we integrate communication with others into our work, the more efficiently will we be able to manage our work. When using myApps as your work platform, communication will be integrated so seamlessly into your work processes that it will not only be fast and efficient but also fun.


myApps - Development Environment for Your App Ideas.

Do you need further functionalities either for your customers or for yourself? You have not found these functionalities anywhere else so far, and you have expertise on development? myApps provides a framework which you can make use of – many of the basic functions already included. This gives you the opportunity to focus entirely on your ideas and their realization. The development environment will for example automatically ensure that your app runs on the various device types (smartphone, Windows computer, etc.), or that users of your app can log in via two-factor authentication.


myApps is an App Store.

All apps are presented in the innovaphone App Store and made available to the administrator for installation. This includes innovaphone apps and, if desired, also your own apps. The own myApps work environment can then be expanded by useful apps as required and daily work will be more efficient.

myApps – More than Merely a UC Client

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