innovaphone Fax: Fax-to-Mail and Mail-to-Fax with the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system


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Even if some people think: why do you actually still need a fax machine these days? Some processes really need a fax and there is no way around them - whether in legal matters, orders, new orders etc. A signed fax with the company stamp has more validity than an informal email in these cases.

But faxes do not have to be hard work. That is obvious when looking at the fax solution by innovaphone which allows you to quickly and easily send and receive faxes from your computer - by the way also mobile, on the road. The normal mail client (e.g. Outlook) acts as a fax machine and makes both mail-to-fax and fax-to-mail possible. Fax documents are therefore available in digital form and can be archived directly. Discretion is also respected, because sensitive data can be sent or received via an individual fax number.

Companies that use the internet to send and receive faxes can avoid expensive acquisition and maintenance costs for analogue fax machines, and paper resources can be used sparingly because most documents are available in digital format from the outset thanks to Fax-to-mail and Mail-to-fax. innovaphone Fax is integrated in and runs on the existing  innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system hardware - on board -without any additional hardware or an external server. Faxing via the internet: it doesn’t get any easier.

Benefits  |  Technology

 Save costs by sending faxes over the internet: the innovaphone fax solution is a network-wide solution for sending and receiving fax documents (fax-to-mail or mail-to-fax). Transport and storage within the network takes place via the existing mail system. An innovaphone VoIP gateway takes over the tasks of a fax server. It requires an innovaphone Linux Application Platform, available for the innovaphone 11 series gateway models (except for 1130 gateway), the innovaphone IP6010 gateway or as a virtual solution (VMware). The documents are converted and exchanged in the traditional way on the innovaphone VoIP gateway. innovaphone fax is compatible with all analogue fax machines.    

Mail-to-fax: the document is attached as a PDF file to an email and sent to the fax server. The email address comprises the destination number and the domain name of the fax server. The text in the subject line is transferred to the fax cover page provided a cover page has been configured. Cover pages are available in various languages and can be changed as required. Once the fax has been transmitted successfully, the sender receives a Sent confirmation via email. This email includes an attachment with the document and the cover page as they have been sent - thus the exact document received by the recipient. If a fax transmission fails, the sender also receives an email with the reason for the error.

Fax-to-mail: Faxes are also received as an email. The subject line and the actual mail include the phone number, date, time, fax-ID and number of pages in the fax. The actual document is transmitted as an attachment in PDF format.

More and more telephone and fax connections are being converted to IP communications. The transmission can take place over several sections. The T. 38 protocol is intended for the transmission of fax over IP and has, to date, been supported as a single fax transmission protocol from innovaphone. A fax could not be sent if one section did not support T.38. However, some providers do not offer T. 38 as a protocol. Fax transmission via the G. 711 protocol has been added for such situations. Version 11 makes it possible to fax with all providers, even if they do not support the T. 38 fax protocol.

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