Merging sites with IP telephony and Unified Communications (innovaphone location concept)

Globalisation means more and more companies are active in different locations. Small businesses are increasingly following this trend. In order for it to be possible to work effectively across all sites, Unified Communications and IP telephony have to work especially well together, as though the team were sitting directly together. IP telephony and Unified Communications form this unity perfectly on the innovaphone PBX VoIP phone system. This concept is possible already starting from two sites and there is no limit to the number of branches it can integrate.

Modular principle of the innovaphone PBX VoIP phone system for easy interchangeability

The innovaphone PBX VoIP phone system is designed to be a modular and flexibly expandable system. All modules are operated under the same software, and the same hardware components are used at all company locations. This is the reason why especially companies with a distinct branch structure enjoy decisive advantages when they implement the IP telephony and Unified Communications technology by innovaphone.

Adequate Unified Communications solution for locations of different sizes

There are different ways of integrating offices and workplaces at different locations with innovaphone IP technology depending on their size. For the smallest sites and branches, it is possible to register individual IP phones to the headquarter’s VoIP phone system. This is very similar to the "more than one person working from home" scenario. The right VoIP gateway can be selected depending on the size and call volume. Unlimited cascading of all VoIP gateways means there is no top limit. For large sites, the innovaphone PBX VoIP phone system and VoIP gateway can be operated on separate hardware. The PBX can either be installed on the IP0011 platform or on a virtual appliance (IPVA).

Save resources with central Unified Communications functionalities

Unified Communications solutions can be set up centrally in the head office and made completely available to all branches. An operator can check the status of subscribers at other sites and is able to put calls through, if necessary. Branch offices can access the central address database directly, use the Conferencing Server, and Reporting allows centralised billing. Fax, Video telephony, Chat, Presence and Collaboration are also available as central Unified Communications functionalities for all branch offices. Alternatively, the Unified Communications solutions at the sites can also work independently and replicate their data from the central system, if required.

No call remains unanswered with Unified Communications by innovaphone

Numbering plans can be defined across different sites. For example, a hotline can include subscribers at different sites. In extreme cases, sites may be distributed globally to ensure a 24-hour service is possible and all employees are active in their regular working hours.

Collaborative work in global teams thanks to Unified Communications functionalities

Working with Unified Communications functionalities is particularly effective when used from different sites.  It is all the more important to see the partner’s current availability status because it’s not possible to meet personally. A brief look in the Favourites list is sufficient to detect whether the partner is occupied, taking a break or on holiday. Office integration makes it even possible to see meeting dates automatically from the central calendar. If the partner is busy with simple tasks, he may still have time to respond to a chat request in order to solve the urgent problem. Ad-hoc Video calls significantly contribute to improving the quality of communication. Relationships amongst colleagues become more personal and interactive, because Video calls allow non-verbal signals and fine nuances to be perceived even during standard phone calls. And with Collaboration, application sharing on the desktop, both sides are able to work together as if they were sitting side by side.

Reliability of the Unified Communications solution by innovaphone

It makes sense to set up a Redundancy solution especially with multiple sites. The Unified Communications solution uses the constellation by which the VoIP telephone systems can replace each other. The Redundancy solution lifts reliability on a whole to the maximum. In case of failure, the branches can replace each other, and, in case of overload, they can use trunk lines at other branches. Particularly small branches can benefit from the many trunk lines provided at Head Office and thus ensure that employees can always make and receive calls.

Central telephone system on the basis of an IPVA and several media gateways, as well as interconnected branch offices with or without one’s own PBX

Central telephone system on the basis of an IPVA and several media gateways, as well as interconnected branch offices with or without one’s own PBX

The innovaphone PBX VoIP phone system can be extended at will.

For extremely large Unified Communications solutions, the platforms for the innovaphone PBX VoIP phone system and the pure gateways can be separated. The innovaphone PBX VoIP phone system can operate either on a VoIP gateway, for example, the IP0011 or as a Virtual PBX (IPVA) in a VMware environment. Multiple media gateways are connected to the trunk line. For example, the IP1130 VoIP gateways each have 30 channels and can be extended, if necessary. They also provide computing power similar to large telephone conference systems. One channel is needed per conference participant.

Make the most of your time with help from the innovaphone PBX

The one number concept on the innovaphone PBX VoIP phone system allows representative staff to make and receive calls with their official VoIP phone system extension number even when they are out on the road. This results in optimal reachability for customers as call diversions, call pick-up and other partner functions can also be used on the go. Travellers with smartphones can use the central directory via the myPBX Unified Communications client as well as the entire call History and the previously mentioned call diversions. Smartphones are turned into fully-fledged extensions of the Unified Communications solution with all its benefits.

Systems tightly integrated - with the innovaphone PBX VoIP phone system

Branch offices without their own PBX can connect directly to the central PBX. They only need a stable and secure IP connection. Larger branch offices operate their own innovaphone PBX VoIP phone system as a sub-system of the central PBX. Branches of equal size without a clear central system operate as a system network. Thus a branch’s own trunk lines are made available by its own VoIP gateway. All branches can either setup a numbering plan with a prefix to other telephone systems or can be incorporated in the central numbering plan. The latter enables calls to be made to numbers in other branches without dialling a prefix.

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