innovaphone IP61: Handy IP DECT phone

innovaphone DECT Handset IP61

The IP61 is an elegant telephone for office use. The large display especially ensures comfortable navigation, easy operation and usability. The IP DECT based, cordless telephone is especially light, with a sleek and modern design. The lithium ion battery provides extremely long airtime and standby time.

The IP DECT phone can be operated with its own extension number on the innovaphone PBX telephone system or as an additional desk phone with the same extension number as another phone. The DECT connection enables the user to move up to 100 m away from the base station.

The IP61 IP phone is easy and convenient to use. Additional features such as switching, connecting and setting up three-party conferences are also available for use on the innovaphone PBX telephone system.

The central telephone directory enables DECT subscribers to automatically have access to all PBX subscribers. These results will be offered as long as the IP1202 has access to a central LDAP server (database).


Technical data are in the Wiki: