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The current pandemic has changed the global situation in ways we could never have anticipated. Companies face many challenges due to protective measures and travel restrictions. Meeting in person is oftentimes not an option but at the same time, work needs to continue as usual. The solution is to meet up remotely and online, either using audio conferences or video conferences. Colleagues and customers will still be in personal contact and also events or presentations can be hosted virtually.

Participate in online audio and video conferences using the innovaphone Conference app within myApps, no matter where you are. Online events and virtual presentations can also be set up quickly and easily.

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What does the Conference App Offer?

Get in touch and communicate with a group of people across the globe and without having to invest in a lot of travel time or travel expenses. A simple three-party telephone conference is a standardly included functionality of the innovaphone PBX. 3-way calls can be carried out with any IP phone. With the communications client innovaphone myApps, you further have the option to also participate in video conference calls without even having to leave your desk - no servers or additional expensive equipment required.

Manage virtual conferences and select monitoring options with the Conference app. The moderator of the conference can assign flexible dial-in PINs and further sees who is participating in the conference and who is currently speaking. Individual participants can also be muted and removed from the conference.

Advantages of the Conference App

  • Quick and clearly arranged management of virtual conference rooms
  • Application Sharing available for all conferences
  • Participation in several conferences with different virtual conference rooms possible
  • Scheduled and ad hoc conferences can be set up without much technical effort and without additional hardware

myApps Tutorial 11 - Conference App – Conferences and Functions (13r1, 13r2)

This video will show you how to use the Conference app. Learn about the different functions and find out how to join a conference.

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