innovaphone Queue Monitor
Call Centre Analysis for VoIP Telephone Systems

The VoIP telephone system innovaphone PBX allows for switchboards, service hotlines or simple call centres to be operated. Of course, those who offer such service systems would also like to gather concise information concerning the respective load: How many calls come in? How many calls have been in the waiting queue, and for how long? How many callers hang up prematurely  - even before being put through? The  innovaphone Queue Monitor (iQM) collects this information in real-time and displays it graphically in a clear way on the VoIP telephone system innovaphone PBX. This helps for better assessment of telephone services, whether these services work well or if there are possibly any bottlenecks.

Current waiting queues can be monitored in real-time which enables quick reaction time. Early warning and alarm functions can be set with different limits making it possible for the innovaphone Queue Monitor to prevent potential bottlenecks in time and ensuring that no calls get lost.This function makes it possible for employees of the call centre or the service hotline to reduce waiting times and to increase customer satisfaction.

The  innovaphone Queue Monitor collects information on the total waiting time, the number of incoming calls and the prematurely terminated calls during different time periods. This information helps to improve the comparison and analysis of the utilised capacity at the call centre or hotline. The data is crucial for the evaluation of how well the telephone service is working. The iQM contributes to the improvement of switchboards and hotlines.

The  innovaphone Queue Monitor is integrated perfectly into the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system. Implementation and operating costs are low and profitable for any business with switchboards, telephone hotlines or call centres wanting to optimise their service and quality.

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