myApps for Administrators
Central Configuration and Administration: Fast and Easy via Remote Controlling

innovaphone myApps offers a variety of apps for the administration and configuration to administrators of installations. Gone are the days where you had to switch back and forth between different administration programs: with myApps, everything is managed in one central client – no matter where you are. myApps is platform-independent and works identically on all platforms. Whether you are using a small display or a large screen – you can use myApps wherever you are. The innovaphone Apps for administrators let you service different devices via remote control so that you need not be present on site to detect and fix problems.

Overview of our Apps for Administrators



The LDAP API app is used for search queries within a directory (LDAP directory), for example when looking for a contact. The search results are displayed in myApps on the Phone and Chat app.


PBX Manager

The administrator configures the innovaphone PBX for the installation with the PBX Manager app. Waiting queues, Reverse Proxy, DECT systems and much more can be set up and managed with the PBX Manager app.


App Platform Manager

With the App Platform Manager, the administrator can install and administrate the different app services. Apps can be activated, deactivated and managed with the App Platform Manager. 



All devices of a cloud solution or on-site installation are displayed and managed in the Devices app, from VoIP gateways to the end devices. Backups and updates are set up and installed here. The administration of rental devices and rental software is carried out in the Devices app. Further, innovaphone Service Credits (iSCs) are uploaded and distributed here.



The Push app manages the push service on a smartphone for incoming calls or chat messages. Communication takes place between the push service, Apple and Google. An innovaphone PBX Manager plugin can establish a connection to this push service so that this service can be used.



The Channels app groups DSP channels of different innovaphone VoIP gateways. This enables for example a conference with a large number of channels.


App Store

Administrators can download apps for their installations at the App Store. All available innovaphone Apps are listed here – also apps from third parties, if applicable. Are you missing the suitable app? Simply develop your own app.



Files can easily be stored and organized with the Files app. These files can further be assigned individually and announcements to waiting queues can also be managed.


The Alarms app is a monitoring tool for administrators. Individual PBXs or all devices within one network can extensively be monitored with this app. The Alarms app indicates active system errors to the administrator, and relevant information for each error notification is displayed.



The Events app is a monitoring tool for administrators, just like the Alarms app. All errors that have occurred are permanently stored in the Events app. Errors that have already been resolved are also listed here. Selected or all events in the app can further be deleted.



Another tool for diagnostic analysis is the Logging app. Administrators can use this app to view information on the installation in real-time.

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