What is myApps?
Your Digital Workplace Solution in One Unified Interface

Continuous availability and a positive customer experience are key to business success. But how can you strengthen customer loyalty while accelerating your dynamics and daily work processes? Quite easy: by setting up a digital workplace with the collaborative work and communication environment innovaphone myApps.

myApps is a UCC client (Unified Communications & Collaboration) for your digital workplace solution that integrates various components such as tools for working, communication and administration within one single unified interface.
Business communication and collaboration will be enhanced, resulting in boosted efficiency and greater satisfaction of employees and customers.

The Digital Workplace Solution for Enhanced Enterprise Communications

myApps enables seamless integration of communication and collaboration into the work processes for a faster and more efficient workflow. myApps is a modern and future-proof platform that flexibly adapts to changing requirements. It further allows for the integration of most versatile tools such as for project planning, machine control, cafeteria menus and many more.

Users benefit from the easy handling of the user interface - myApps is intuitive and easy to learn.

Users are further able to personalize myApps by opting for a light or dark overall design, configurating the own profile and individually selecting the apps that shall be displayed on the home screen.

The Digital Workplace Solution myApps: Anywhere - Anytime - On Any Device

Today, employees manage their availability and presence personally and depending on the current situation. Smartphones and tablets gain more and more importance as work tools. Thanks to the responsive design of the myApps communications client, can be installed simultaneously on various different end devices such as the desktop computer or smartphone. Therefore, users profit from one uniform interface and usability. This also includes that changes within myApps (for example the presence status, profile settings or call diversion) are instantly available on all devices.

No matter what device the user opts to work with (smartphone, Windows computer, Mac, etc.), all functions and applications such as chatting, making & receiving calls, shared screens via application sharing, video conferencing and video calls, fax and voicemail as well as viewing the presence information of colleagues always remain accessible while they are presented in real-time on all devices. This will allow you for example to start a chat on your desktop computer and to continue this exact chat on the smartphone.

What’s best: it is entirely up to you whether you opt for a cloud installation or whether you choose an on-premises solution.

 Watch the video to discover the workspace 4.0 with myApps

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Advantages of the Digital Workplace Solution myApps

  • Your fully equipped digital workplace to work, communicate & collaborate
  • One client for all operating systems, platforms & end devices
  • All the same UC&C functions on any device
  • Integration of all or select applications & tools (e.g. CRM)
  • All components are seamlessly integrated
  • Modern & future-proof solution
  • Long-term investment protection
  • Easy administration
  • Development environment for own apps
  • innovaphone App Store

Get in Touch with Us


Every business has individual requirements - and these may also change over time. Due to the unique modularity, innovaphone solutions can be configured flexibly, depending on your individual demands. Simply get in touch with us via our online contact form and we will gladly supply further information.

Simplified Administration of your innovaphone PBX

innovaphone myApps can be quickly installed and easily maintained in-house. The apps for administrators help to install, configure and monitor your innovaphone PBX. These can be adjusted and extended with own developments. User accounts are easily managed and admins have central access to all devices that need to be set up within the system - including the devices of subsidiaries, additional sites and remote workplaces.

Innovation and Inspiration - the innovaphone App Store

innovaphone apps, apps from other manufacturers and - if desired - your own applications are presented in the App Store and made available to the administrators of installations.  The own work and communication platform can then be extended with useful apps as required and daily work will become even more efficient.

Develop Your Own App Ideas with myApps

Do you need further functionalities either for your customers or for yourself? You were unable to find these functionalities anywhere else so far? Do you have development expertise? myApps provides a framework with many of the basic functions already included. The development environment will also automatically ensure that your app runs on the various device types (smartphone, Windows computer, Mac etc.) and that users of your app can log in via two-factor authentication.

The innovaphone app SDK (Software Development Kit) contains everything you need to develop your own app, including sample code and documentation for all innovaphone protocols and APIs.

Check out what myApps has in store for developers.

myApps – More than Merely a UC Client

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