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Efficient Collaboration

Time is valuable and limited, therefore it is of utmost importance to manage our time properly and to optimize work processes: within the business as well as with customers and partners.

Enhance your efficiency and collaboration with innovaphone myApps and the suitable myApps tools for your business. Search queries can easily be created and Favorites can be managed conveniently. All Favorites are displayed with their Presence status so that you can quickly check whether and when another participant is available.


Overview of our Apps for Efficient Collaboration


The Profile app allows the user to individually configure the own user account. A profile picture, e-mail address, password and user name can be set up or adjusted with this app. Personal data can be made visible in the privacy filter (for other users, groups or domains). The user can further set up Mobility and call diversions with the Profile app, in addition to joining or leaving groups and editing the list of registered phones. The user account can also be deleted with this app.



This app shows all users registered at the PBX. Simply select another user to begin a chat, start a call or to send an e-mail. It is further possible to attach the selected user to the own home screen by clicking onto the home button next to the user name. If a user does not wish to be listed in this app, the privacy filter in the Profile app can be adjusted accordingly.


The Contacts app is a company directory. Users can look for contact information via the search field. This may be done by entering name, company name or telephone number.  All details of a contact such as address, e-mail or position within a company are displayed via a symbol. All possibilities of establishing contact are offered here. Search queries are made available in the Phone and Chat app.


 Time Switch

The Time Switch app offers the possibility to set up an automatic time control for any PBX function such as for example night switches or call diversions. With the Time Switch app, these can also be switched on and off manually.



This app is ideal for critical applications where it becomes necessary to record calls, for example if phone calls are contractually binding.

There are many different options to record calls with the Recordings app. All desired calls, whether incoming or outbound, can be recorded in different variations: entire calls, business calls only, certain segments of a call, manually / automatically marked calls or threat calls. The recording of a phone call can be triggered directly at the end device.


With the Reports app, filters can be configured individually that allow for telephony enquiries to be sorted flexibly, for example by country, departments or individuals. The Reports app also makes it possible to evaluate according to specific times or periods. Bottlenecks can be countered in time, and, as far as calls are concerned, a company can continue working at optimum capacity. The results can further be exported to various file formats and processed accordingly.

For further information please refer to our product catalog.

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Every business has individual requirements - and these may also change over time. Due to the unique modularity, innovaphone solutions can be configured flexibly, depending on your individual demands. Simply get in touch with us via our online contact form and we will gladly supply further information.

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