innovaphone myPBX: Unified Communications Client with Video conferencing, Chat and more


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Simple, easy and intuitive. This is the Unified Communications client myPBX by innovaphone. It is the perfect companion for frequent callers, knowledge workers or group workers who spend a lot of time and are frequently in contact with other people and therefore place high demands on communication. The myPBX Unified Communications client by innovaphone makes it possible to control all conceivable telephone end devices – regardless of whether fixed or mobile phone or Software Phone.

The myPBX Unified Communications client brings together different Unified Communications elements under its clear user interface: traditional IP telephony, audio conferences, company directories, connection protocols, Presence information, Instant Messaging, Collaboration sessions, Video Telephony or Video Conferences - anything is possible with the myPBX Unified Communications client by innovaphone regardless of where you are - in the office, in your home office or on the road.

Once people have familiarised themselves with the myPBX Unified Communications client and its benefits, they cannot imagine life without this web client. Calls via mouse click, colleagues’ presence icons at a glance or even video telephony without complex settings - these are just three examples that show how simple it is to use the myPBX Unified Communications client - by the way also for administrators!

Benefits  |  Technology

As a Unified Communications client, innovaphone myPBX is the central interface. All traditional IP telephone functions are available here: dial, hang up, hold, park, 3-party conference, toggle, connect, set call diversions, pickup and more. The user can decide individually which of his IP telephones or other telephone terminals are to be controlled over  myPBX. All of the user devices that are set up in the innovaphone PBX VoIP telephone system are available (e.g. IP phones in the office, IP phones in the home office, mobile phones etc).

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The most commonly used contacts are listed clearly in the myPBX Unified Communications Client Favourites list. New Favourites can easily be added through the centrally managed contacts (LDAP search). The Favourites are displayed with Presence information so that it is always recognizable in the myPBX Unified Communications client, whether, how and when the other subscriber can be reached. One click is all it takes when you move the mouse over a Favourite to trigger a call, start a chat, to prepare an email, or delete the contact from your own Favourites list. If there are a lot of Favourites, it is possible to group contacts into various Favourite lists in the myPBX Unified Communications client - thus ensuring clarity.

A search field in the myPBX Unified Communications client enables contact information in an LDAP database to be searched through without adhering to a specific order of attributes. This can be done by entering names, company names or phone numbers. More icons appear on the myPBX Unified Communications client when you move the mouse over a specific search result. The Info icon allows more details about this contact to be visible, such as the address, email address or position. In addition, all contact possibilities are offered. One click is all that is needed to make the call or prepare an email. The selected contact can be added to your own Favourites list.

A Chat session may be opened with a single click in the Favourites list. The Chat icon is provided on the myPBX Unified Communications client via the LDAP search for contacts that are not in the Favourite list. A new window will open for each chat. At the beginning, a topic of conversation can be determined. It is also possible to invite many more participants to join the existing chat on the myPBX Unified Communications client.  The myPBX Unified Communications client informs all participants as soon as someone enters or leaves the chat. If participants want to discuss certain documents or programs, it is possible to use an application sharing software (GoMeetNow, WebEX,...). The software is started from the current Chat window and automatically distributes the dial-in link to all participants.

All incoming and out-going calls are listed in the myPBX Unified Communications client History list. The contacts from this list can also be used to set up a call or chat. Two clicks is all it takes with myPBX  to import contacts in your own Favourites. Missed calls are signalled via the History list icon. You can track exactly what happened to a call using the detailed information. Information for date, time, duration, and direction of the call are stored for each entry. The myPBX Unified Communications client History list can be extended step-by-step for calls further in the past.

Details of when a group call has been missed and when a group subscriber returns the call are also noted for all to see in the myPBX Unified Communications client History list. Thus, all group members are informed that there is no need to act. If a call is answered on behalf of a colleague who is currently not able to answer the phone, a callback can be requested at the touch of a button. The myPBX Unified Communications client opens an email and the reference line automatically includes all of the necessary information for returning the call. (name, company, telephone number).

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