innovaphone V13 Release
Defining Tomorrow's Workplace

As the trend towards flexible, modern and location-independent work continues, the working world is faced with the challenge of developing solutions that constantly adapt to the new requirements. Integrating creativity and mobility, working in cross-generational and international teams and watching the boundaries between work and leisure disappear will be key to our future working life. innovaphone has embraced this challenge and launches its new Version 13 of the innovaphone myApps all-in-one solution with the communications client myApps.


V13 Highlights

  • The innovaphone PBX continues to be a powerful and sophisticated IP telephone system. Version 13r1 makes the installation and processing of the innovaphone PBX even faster, easier and more convenient. In combination with the Unified Communications functionalities of the innovaphone myApps platform, it unleashes its full power.

  • The myApps all-in-one solution has many individual components that work well individually, but unfold impressive capabilities when used together.

  • With the innovaphone PBX and the App Platform as the basis, all Unified Communications functionalities can be used easily, regardless of the location and the device used.

  • The communications client myApps is the new work and communications client. It fulfills all the usual UC and telephony functionalities, which can be controlled via individual apps.

  • The communication apps make it really easy to conduct audio and video telephony, interact quickly via messenger solutions or host a conference with application sharing.

  • With the help of the work apps, managing the individual work environment, setting up a user account or clearly displaying individual favorites is child’s play.

  • With the apps for administrators, new employees are easily and quickly set up and integrated. Further, a wide range of installations, maintenance and configurations can be carried out.

  • innovaphone also offers full transparency for app development.




innovaphone Product Catalog

V13 brings many things - including the new innovaphone product catalog 2019/2020. Enjoy reading! 





innovaphone logo met slogan en vis

innovaphone Logo

communicate. connect. collaborate. – this is what innovaphone stands for. With the new innovaphone logo and our new company building, we are creating the ideal framework for a future-oriented corporate culture. You can download the new logo from our media gallery.

Partner Program and Training Concept

With the new Version 13, innovaphone also launches a new Partner Program and training concept. The adaptation of the training content and the Partner Program to V13r1, means, among other things, that we can offer new partner levels that build on each other technically, local training courses in selected innovaphone training centers, and partners can gain expertise about the innovaphone PBX much quicker. More detailed information is available on our website in the Partner Program and Training sections.



With the launch of V13r1 and the communications client myApps, individual licenses are also being adapted. The new licensing guidelines are available in our product information part of the Download section.


Software Rental

Rent innovaphone Software instead of buying it

From firmware Version V13r1, innovaphone PBX licenses can also be rented and, therefore, be fully recognized as operating costs. With this type of operation, the PBX can be adapted quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively to the current demands. The customer may choose freely between a cloud installation or on-premises operation with dedicated hardware – functionality remains the same


Advantages of innovaphone Software Rental:

  • Completely recognised as operating costs, will protect your liquidity
  • No port licenses required
  • No contractually fixed minimum term
  • Simple and accurate cost allocation to the secon
  • Includes software maintenance and therefore, the latest software can be used
  • Allows fast and flexible reactions to dynamically fluctuating demands on the PBX


Promotion myApps 4U

With the release of V13, innovaphone offers its authorized partners a great promotion for the operation of their innovaphone in-house PBX. Further information will be provided in the Partner Portal.

License questions for the conversion from V12 to V13

Why is the Voicemail license for 1 port (1 x per PBX) included in the price list but without a price? Is it no longer available to be purchased?

This Voicemail licensing model has been abolished and completely replaced by user-related licensing. Therefore, it is no longer possible to purchase the “old” basic license, instead Port-related licenses must be purchased for existing installations.

Why is the WebRTC license no longer included in the V13 price list? What do I do if I still have a V12 installation and want to buy the license now or later?

V13 no longer has the WebRTC license. It is no longer necessary because the functionality is included in the port license. The license has already been “removed” from the most recent V12 firmware version – it no longer needs to be purchased. Therefore, it is no longer possible to put WebRTC licenses under SSA.

What happens to a V12 Software Phone when it is updated to V13?

The Software Phone in V12 can only be operated based on the myPBX client. Therefore, it is also necessary to update the myPBX client. When myPBX is updated, you get the V13 Phone app and the Softphone app. The “old” Software Phone is no longer required. Therefore, the price list no longer includes SSCs for the Software Phone.

Why are the Software Phone license and the myPBX License still available for purchase?

Because it is still possible to operate the myPBX client and the Software Phone in V13. But neither will undergo any further development.

If I want to install SMB PBX Port licenses, which firmware version do I need?

All SMB PBX Port licenses can be operated using 12r2 Service Release 22 or later.

Does the V13 UC license still include the myPBX license, in addition to the Phone app license and the Softphone app license?

Yes, myPBX 13 is included with the V13 UC license, free of charge. Please note: myPBX is no longer undergoing any further development. You can choose between using the myApps client or the myPBX client.

What if I have bought a V13 UC license (including the Phone app, Application Sharing, Video, Voicemail User, Mobility and Fax) but would like to operate this with V12? What features will be available?

You can also operate a V12 UC license with a V13 UC license, with all the features included (myPBX, Application Sharing, Video, Voicemail, Mobility and Fax).

A user has several end devices (e.g. for the home office). How many Phone app licenses will be needed?

With one Phone app, several end devices can be used. Therefore, you will only need one single Phone app.

Can I still operate the IP241 with V13?


Which web browsers are supported by myApps in V13?

In order to be able to open myApps in a web browser, you will need the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

Additionally, following browser features will also be required and may not be deactivated:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML 5 Local Storage

For further technical information on myApps, pelase visit our Wiki at:

What licenses are required to use the RCC app?

The RCC app is part of the UC license. It can alternatively be operated with the Phone app license and the Mobility license.

What is licensed with the new PBX Channels license?

The PBX Channels license always licenses one conference channel at the innovaphone PBX. This may either be a hardware channel on an innovaphone gateway (DSP) or a conference channel realized with software (Soft Conferencing). Please refer to the current gateway and IPVA data sheets for the number and type of available conference channels.

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