The Swiss telecommunication specialist, Aartesys, has restructured its telephone system and opted for an IP telephony and UC solution by innovaphone. For over 10 years Aartesys in Biel, Switzerland, has been developing even more perfect, powerful m2m communication solutions (Machine to Machine), as well as transmission systems for different information and alarm management systems, in particular for mobile networks. Aartesys has gradually switched the company infrastructure to Voice over IP and Unified Communications. The Swiss company now benefits from a bespoke innovaphone solution, installed by the innovaphone reseller, VIDEOCOM.

Necessary restructuring

Aartesys, which was founded in November 2000, has extensive experience in the field of telecommunications, especially in the area of quality of service QoS and operation support systems, OSS. Aartesys has been offering reliable and efficient solutions for a decade providing access to, and transmission and analysis of sensitive data.

The process of restructuring the communications infrastructure at the Biel and Hombrechtikon sites became necessary after the existing terminals became obsolete as they were no longer able to manage the rising volume of calls and also in order to ensure efficient corporate communication at the highest technical level. After the project managers had considered several possible solutions on the market, PBXs from Aastra and innovaphone were in the final round. Responding to the question of why they ultimately opted for innovaphone, Patrick Gerber, head of Research and Development at Aartesys said: „We decided in favour of the IP solution by innovaphone because it corresponded to our most important key requirements: it masters ISDN technology enabling smooth migration to VoIP, is very good value for money, is easy to use and there is no limit to the scalability. This gives us the assurance that the solution can keep pace with our company development and we can extend it as needed.

Installation of the innovaphone solution: Smooth migration to IP

Before restructuring took place with innovaphone, Aartesys’ technical environment consisted of an Ascotel PBX with Office 30/40 end devices that are connected to the public network for phone calls via 2 ISDN lines (BRI). The IT environment consisted of a main switch with 48 ports and 1 GB/s each, and a PoE switch with 1 GB/s per site. VoIP devices were necessary because the new facilities that were to be be set up, only had an Internet connection. The innovaphone smooth migration concept made it possible to use the ISDN network and the VoIP technology in parallel with the advantage of being able to connect the computer directly to the phone. Additional wiring is not necessary because the innovaphone devices are powered by PoE (power of Ethernet). The equipment at the Hombrechtikon site is connected via VPN.

Patrick Gerber, head of Research and Development at Aartesys

The existing ISDN lines had to be used to connect to the public telephone network. In order to maintain the connection with the existing PBX, an IP800 VoIP gateway was connected to the public network via 2 ISDN lines, it was also coupled with the old PBX via ISDN and at the same time with the company network.

Benjamin Rollet, project manager Network and Telecommunications at VIDEOCOM 2000, assures: „The fact that Aartesys, with the IP800 VoIP gateway, could use two BRI connectors for the external line and two more BRI connectors for the old PBX was important for us. As was the „power off loop“ function, which enables redundancy and the innovaphone PBX to manage the public network.“ The Aartesys offices are equipped with 14 IP222 design phones by innovaphone. Furthermore, an innovaphone IP22 analogue adapter was installed to manage faxes (via the T. 38-Protocol).

Benjamin Rollet is very satisfied with the installation, and underlines: „The rollout only took one day and there were no special problems. The exact definition of the requirements before installing the system allowed us to configure the entire system in our lab beforehand. Also, the innovaphone technology enables smooth migration with very little impact on the service. In addition, we have developed our own provisioning server. This allows us to manage the users and to update equipment as well as to perform data backup using the innovaphone UPDATE command. A remote access via http access was also set up to improve responsiveness and to ensure easier maintenance.“

The uniform innovaphone administration via the Web interface simplifies and replaces the respective Windows application, which is more difficult to install.

Performance, competitiveness and accessibility

workplace at Aartesys

In the case of Aartesys, now not a single call is lost because a Boolean object automatically manages calls. All incoming calls are redirected to the devices during working hours. Outside of working hours, for example, at the weekend, these calls are redirected to a mobile phone.

As regards the issue of Unified Communications, Aartesys uses the UC client myPBX and the Conferencing functionality in order to organize telephone conferences. myPBX is very simple and easy to use and combines all features on a user-friendly interface: traditional telephony, audio conferencing, phone directory, call lists, presence information, instant messaging, application sharing, collaboration, video telephony and video conferencing.

The employees appreciate in particular the UC client myPBX and its intuitive usability. You can now put frequently used contacts in a Favorites list. The information stored here enables you to see at a glance whether a party is available or, if not, how and when he can again be reached. Just one click is needed to make a call, start a chat, write an email, or edit a contact in your Favorites.

With the innovaphone solution, the devices were connected to the infrastructure via IP, old devices could be gradually replaced by new IP devices, and ultimately Aartesys’ competitive position improved as reachability was much higher.

Patrick Gerber draws the following conclusion: „The innovaphone solution met our expectations. The fact that ISDN technology could be used enabled us to migrate to IP smoothly while benefiting from the UC functionality. The new system is very good value for money for a small company like ours and guarantees us full investment protection thanks to its unlimited scalability. We are ready for All IP, which will be upon us in 2017.“

innovaphone UC client myPBX
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