Digital Security for Remote Working

Ensuring the security of the company network is always a top priority when integrating employees who work remotely from home. What should companies and employees pay attention to when setting up remote workplaces from home? What components must be provided to secure solutions for remote working?

The work and communication platform innovaphone myApps offers a security concept that exceeds the essential basics such as antivirus programs, password protected login, secure VPN tunnel and update management.

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Enabled by default with innovaphone myApps
  • A second security check prevents misuse of user passwords
  • When using a different device to log into myApps, the user will be asked to verify the login attempt
  • Should the user password be compromised, the session will be terminated, a password change will be required and the administrator will be contacted

innovaphone Reverse Proxy

  • Integral part of all innovaphone products and independent component of the myApps solution
  • Serves as central instance for all inbound requests coming from the internet
  • No additional server or computing power required

Integration of All Relevant Security Protocols

  • All relevant security protocols are integrated into all innovaphone products. These include the DTLS-SRTP protocol that allows end-to-end encryption or the signaling protocol TLS for certificate-based authentication of various applications.
  • Please take a look at the list of all implemented security protocols

With the RCC App (Remote Call Control) …

  • External hardware devices are integrated into innovaphone myApps when working remotely from home
  • You are always available via the same phone number (innovaphone One Number Concept), no matter whether you are using a telephone, smartphone or tablet
  • You can configure and change the end device by using the respective function in the Profile app
  • You will use the same familiar myApps interface
  • The end device used at home will be integrated into the secure work and communication environment myApps

Integrated Security

The various security functions and mechanisms are standardly included in the innovaphone PBX and the innovaphone myApps solution. They offer the highest level of security, also when integrating external workplaces. Employees working remotely from home benefit from a fast, secure and flexible integration of end devices into the myApps solution – without requiring additional servers or elaborate computing power.

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