14r1 Highlights
more than communication

14r1 introduces numerous additions to our myApps platform. Highlights of 14r1 are our newcomers, the Connect App and the Contact Widgets App. They reflect our slogan “more than communication” and expand the myApps platform with new productivity tools.


Connect App: Bye Bye, E-Mail

Share information and start discussions across departments and the entire company on the interactive platform for enhanced digital collaboration. More details...

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Screenshots der Contact Widgets AppScreenshots der Contact Widgets App

Contact Widgets App 

Your website visitors will be able to quickly establish contact with your business via the contact widgets implemented on your website - for a better user experience and more leads.
More details...

Additional New Apps 

Notes App

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Use this app to create, edit and delete digital notes and reminders. Enter title and text, and select a different color for better management of your notes.

Search App

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Quickly look for other users, contacts or apps. The Search App provides as search mechanism to look through myApps. Search results are conveniently displayed in a list.

TechAssist App

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The TechAssist App helps technicians with the implementation of systems that work without errors. Problems and misconfigurations can be found and solved independently and quickly.

Working App

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The Working App is a smart software tool for employees and HR to digitally record and manage the working times of employees - legally compliant and user-friendly.

Improvements & New Features

Softphone App - improved usability

  • Different layout for desktop & smartphone
  • One-handed use on smartphone is now easier to manage
  • Improved & more accessible dial keypad
  • Bigger buttons
  • Easier handling e.g. with call transfers

PBX Manager App Installer Plugin

  • Easier installation of apps (innovaphone apps & partner apps) via App Platform Manager (new UI) for admins with access to the PBX Manager (end customers or integrators)
  • Everything managed via the PBX Manager
  • Step 1 :
    • Access to the App Store via PBX Manager App Installer Plugin
    • Download the App Service
    • The respective instance is created & started automatically
  • Step 2 :
    • Access to the created App Plugin in the PBX Manager to complete app configuration
    • Access to App Platform Manager App not required

Working App – new features

  • Define working times of each user more precisely
  • Automatic recording of working times & easy to double-check
  • Automatic start / stop function can be configured for each device
  • Working times can be edited & corrected at a later point
  • Activate the various notifications accordingly
  • Reminders to adhere to legal regulations concerning break times and rest periods
  • Reduced editing required, no missed recordings

App Platform Manager - new, responsive design

  • Improved UI

Voicemail App – improved user-friendliness

  • View & call own voicemail number
  • View & change own PIN directly within the app
  • Activate & deactivate call forwarding directly within the app
  • Name resolution of voicemail caller
  • Configure default PIN in the PBX Manager
  • Automatic deletion of voicemails after a pre-defined time period

Recordings App - record phone calls

  • New config option for admins: Block deletion of recordings by users
  • WebDav authentication for "Record-to-URL"
  • Hide recording URL in Softphone App

Reports App – always in the loop

  • New, extended user interface
  • Extended filter & sorting options for precise evaluation
  • Extensive information for the admin: reports delivered automatically via e-mail
    • PDF, CSV or XML
  • Reports can be made anonymous
  • External applications can obtain reports via http requests
  • New user interface provides new report statistics

myApps Plugin for Virtual Desktops

Softphone in terminal server environments (e.g. Citrix)

  • myApps plugin installed on local computers, myApps on terminal servers
    • Audio device of local computer selected in the Softphone App
  • Tested for Microsoft Remote Desktop & Citrix
  • Currently, audio communication possible
  • For Windows, MacOS
  • Replaces Remote Call Control for local softphone (for audio)
    • Easier to install & use
    • More functions (3 party conference, audio recording, in-call chat)
    • Same handling as a local softphone

App and browser notifications via web push

Notifications & interaction

  • App services can send push notifications to users
    • New opportunities for apps to interact with users - even if the app is currently not actively used
    • Possibility to link a window or an action in the app that shall be opened once the user clicks on the notification
  • Web Push
    • New notifications also work in the browsers
    • As long as the browser is active, myApps does not have to be opened in a tab

Connector for Let’s Encrypt

  • Easy management of certificates
  • Less installation effort
  • Automated maintenance – no more expired certificates
  • Secure & free of charge

IPVA – additional platforms

  • Support for additional virtualization platforms
    • KVM, QEMU & Proxmox
    • Network operator for VirtIO integrated
  • Improved performance for VMware
    • Network operator for vmxnet3
    • Use of new instruction set Intel AES (AES-NI / AES Crypto)

Fax App

  • The cover page can be edited
  • The name of the sender is displayed, if known to PBX
  • Higher resolution (400dpi)

myApps for iOS, macOS & Android

In order to make setup and maintenance easier for system administrators, and to prevent end users from installing the wrong myApps versions on their devices, there is now a special link for each major version via which the apps can be downloaded.

The link or QR code can be distributed by the administrator to end users for the first-time installation of myApps.

Future updates within the installed major version will be distributed, of course, via the Apple App Store or the Play Store.

myApps for iOS & macOS: https://wiki.innovaphone.com/index.php?title=Howto14r1:Install_myApps_for_Apple_Products

myApps for Android: https://wiki.innovaphone.com/index.php?title=Howto14r1:Install_myApps_for_Android_Products

End of Support with V14r1

Detailed information on hardware and software no longer supported with this and subsequent versions is listed in our innovaphone Wiki.

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