Integration of innovaphone myApps into Microsoft Teams
For most Effective Virtual Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is a highly popular platform for video conferencing, online meetings and chat messaging that many businesses use these days. Simultaneously, nobody wants to miss out on the familiar functions of a professional enterprise communications system that should be as user-friendly and manageable as possible.

The solution: get the best of both worlds by integrating the collaborative work and communication platform innovaphone myApps into Microsoft Teams. Depending on the level of integration, the range of functions will be expanded with all the apps and functionalities that myApps standardly has to offer. Make external phone calls directly from the Microsoft Teams client using your own business extension – with the innovaphone myApps Custom app. Boost your availability across various devices, all without requiring additional Microsoft licenses.

Different Options to Integrate innovaphone myApps into Microsoft Teams

Direct Routing

According to the recommendations of Microsoft, the innovaphone PBX can be connected with Microsoft Teams using “Microsoft Direct Routing” via a certified SBC. This enables interoperability between the innovaphone PBX, the connected devices (e.g. desk phones, softphones, analog end devices, etc.) and Microsoft Teams.

myApps und Teams integration

myApps Custom App for Microsoft Teams

The communications client innovaphone myApps is integrated in form of a customized app and can be launched directly within Microsoft Teams. The presence status of each individual innovaphone user will be visible. Our objective - seamless and user-friendly integration of both systems.

In order to keep things as simple as possible, innovaphone has developed the app myApps Custom app for Microsoft Teams. It only takes a few steps to achieve the integration:

  1. Download the Custom app to the innovaphone PBX. The app is automatically created and made available.
  2. Now, upload the Custom app to Microsoft Teams. Once the app has been uploaded it will be displayed in the app overviews of Teams.
  3. The Custom app can now be used in Teams. If the user opens the app, it will appear in the sidebar where it can be pinned (screenshot below). Many of the advantages innovaphone myApps has to offer will also be available with the integration.


myApps + Microsoft Teams Screenshot

Fees and Licensing

Do I require specific Microsoft licenses to use this integration?
If the user has an MS Teams license, no additional licenses will be required. The Phone Systems license is also not required for external calls initiated from the myApps client - for example the E3 plan is sufficient.

What are the Fees for the innovaphone Custom App for Teams?
With operation of the innovaphone myApps platform and its respective licensing, the Custom app is included free of charge.

Technical Data

Please refer to the innovaphone Wiki for additional information:
Concept myApps Custom App for Microsoft Teams

innovaphone myApps - MS Teams Integration on PC and mobile

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