innovaphone IP112
IP Phone for all Demands

The IP112 is an all-rounder that is perfect for Telephony and Unified Communications usage. The intuitive innovaphone operating concept comes into play perfectly thanks to the large colour screen and the 16 function keys and 32 partner keys. The user is conveniently guided through the various functions and apps.

In comparison to the IP111 entry-level model, the IP112 phone has an additional USB interface for headsets and a Gigabit Ethernet port. Both phones have the same housing with colour display and the standard innovaphone interface.

The integrated power supply via the Gigabit Ethernet cable (PoE) means that only one cable is required for operation, which is simply integrated in the base. An integrated Ethernet switch allows a computer or other network device to be connected to the local network.

The IP112 is designed to be both a desk phone and is suitable for wall mounting. The base ensures the phone is stable and at an optimal angle for use on the desk. The same base can be attached to the wall with two screws. The phone is attached to the base back-to-front and the cable is fed elegantly from below. A tab ensures the handset does not slip off.

Technical data are in the Wiki:

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