Flexible Wireless Solutions
More Mobility with Wireless Connection

Many businesses need employees which can move around freely within the company – this might be the ward physician in a hospital, logistics staff in a large warehouse or the mechatronics engineer at a repair workshop. Communication has to remain unproblematic and reliable at all times. Sturdy end devices with long battery runtime, good network coverage and safe integration into the telephone system are essential requirements.

innovaphone offers the suitable wireless solution for all demands: IP DECT, WiFi and the integration of smartphones.

innovaphone IP DECT Solution

One prominent advantage of DECT solutions is the possibility of building up your own network. These networks are extremely reliable, independent and great coverage can be provided. End devices are dedicated to telephony which lets them obtain long battery runtime.

  • Perfect integration and easy to maintain
  • Individual and reliable IP DECT network
  • End devices with long battery runtime

integrated into the PBX


long talk time



integration of smartphones

WiFi telephony

sturdy handset

easy integration

iOS / Android

innovaphone WiFi Solution

WiFi telephony can be integrated into already existing WiFi infrastructures with particularly low effort regarding administration or installation. Business concepts such as "bring your own device (BYOD)" are also easily realisable with this technology.

  • Already existing infrastructure can be used
  • Easy integration
  • Sturdy handset IP62
  • Smartphone Apps for iOS & Android
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