innovaphone IP1202
IP DECT Gateway to Extend the innovaphone PBX

The IP1202 is an IP DECT gateway which extends the innovaphone PBX to include DECT compatible subscribers. It enables very complex IP DECT systems to be configured. The base station IP1202 has multicell capability which allows the installation of a number of devices. Roaming and automatic handover features are available between these devices. One base station supports 4 or up to 8 channels in parallel.

Concerning IP, the system is entirely H.323 and SIP compatible. It supports echo cancellation and a number of codecs for voice compression. Concerning DECT, the system is GAP and CAP compliant. However, the handsets IP64 and IP65 from innovaphone are especially to be recommended.

Both telephones are well-suited for parallel operation with fixed telephones. The features of the PBX can be used intuitively via the additional R key as a softkey. It can be used to quickly set up a second call, for switching and call transfer. It can also be used to set up three-party conference calls. 

IP1202 with 4 or 8 Channels

There are different versions of the IP DECT base station (available with 4 or 8 channels). The 4-channel version of IP1202 is distinctly cheaper and has the order number: 50-01202-002. Other than the limited channels, the IP1202/4 does not have any other limitations.

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