innovaphone Technician Advanced Pro Training
Become innovaphone Technician Advanced Pro (iT Advanced Pro)

Become innovaphone expert! The innovaphone Technician Advanced Pro Training is a pure online training via the innovaphone training platform "Moodle". 

In this training, you will learn detailed technical knowledge and expertise concerning the innovaphone applications. The iT Advanced Pro Training is based on the modules 1 and 2, the iT Connect Training and the iT Advanced Training. Before you can participate in the innovaphone Technician Advanced Training, you will need the certificates iT Connect (innovaphone Technician Connect) and iT Advanced (innovaphone Technician Advanced).

After successful participation of the training, the participant is an "innovaphone Technician Advanced Pro" (iT Advanced Pro) and receives an official certificate. With the completion of this training, the participant will have reached the highest level of innovaphone training.

  • Dates and registration possibilities will be announced soon
  • Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or wish to receive further information
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