Newsletter 11/2012

Dear newsletter readers,

October saw our international partner day and 15 years of innovaphone celebrations. We were very pleased that so many partners from across Europe and even some partners from USA and Africa were able to join us in Stuttgart. Instead of spending the day reminiscing about the past, we took the opportunity to introduce our partners to the first new innovations for the innovaphone PBX Version 10 under the motto "Unified Communications". Have a look at the photos in our newsticker.

Speaking of Version 10: the innovaphone PBX V10 Beta 1 is now available for our partners via our V10 Beta Forum. Testing can begin and we are, of course, looking forward to receiving and answering any feedback via this platform.

DECT news: in addition to the DECT gateway IP1202 we now have an IP1202e version without an integrated antenna. External antennas can be ordered separately as necessary. Choose between single or dual directional antennas as well as an omnidirectional antenna.

Our trade fair and "event-full" autumn season is in full swing. We have put together some images from the Kufgem customer event in Kufstein, from the IP Convergence in Paris and from SIMO in Madrid. Just click here to reach our newsticker, where you will also find this interview with our Area Sales Manager Spain/Portugal Victor M. Moracho Oliva, recorded during SIMO by GlobbTV, a professional provider of Internet TV productions.

And now, please sit back and enjoy our newsletter.



innovaphone anniversary quiz: And the Winner is…?!

You have puzzled, guessed, pondered and solved our questions… Our anniversary quiz put your knowledge of 15 years of innovaphone to test. The guessing game can now draw to a close as we reveal the answers to the tricky questions:


  • How many years ago was innovaphone founded? Solution: 15 years ago.
  • Where are innovaphone’s headquarters? Solution: Sindelfingen
  • What is the current innovaphone claim? Solution: innovaphone – Pure IP-Communications
  • Which mascot does innovaphone have? Solution: goldfish
  • What was the first innovaphone product? Solution: IP400
  • What was the first innovaphone PRI Gateway? Solution: IP3000
  • What was the first innovaphone IP telephone? Solution: IP200
  • Which version of our innovaphone PBX is currently on the market? Solution: 9
  • How many goldfish swim through the intro of our corporate film? (fins or partly visible fishes count, as well!)
    Solution: 11 and 15

    Editor’s note: The goldfish in the video introduction were obviously too quick for us! We counted them wrong so we let two answers be valid. The solution is somewhere
    between 11 and 15 :-)
  • What is the correct term for qualified innovaphone technicians? Solution: innovaphone Convergent Engineer (also known internally as "innovaphone teckies" :-) )
  • What is the correct term for fully certified innovaphone partners? Solution: iAR (innovaphone Authorized Reseller)


The prizes were obviously popular and we were surprised at how many people actually entered the competition! The lucky winners have been named:


The main prize, a Nespresso "Krups Pixie Electric Red" machine goes to Mr Oliver Franke, who answered all 11 questions with zero mistakes. The names of everyone who entered the draw and who answered all the questions correctly were put in a box and one of our staff members did the honours and pulled the winner’s name out of the box.


But everyone who entered the competition had the chance of winning something. All the names of those who entered the quiz were put in a box and three winners were drawn, each winning a bright orange ICE watch. The lucky winners are Markus Röttgen, Patrick Amorin and Christian Patz.


We hope all winners will enjoy their prizes!



Hello IP62!

We welcome a new member to the innovaphone product family: the IP62 WiFi telephone. It is an alternative to DECT and is the first WiFi handset, that can be operated in all IEEE-802.11a/b/g/n networks. Fully supporting the IEEE-802.11n standard, the innovaphone IP62 has a higher capacity and an improved reach without the risk of impacting the network capacity in a negative way. Thanks to the fact that it fully supports SIP and H.323 protocols, the telephone is always compatible with the innovaphone PBX and has telephone functionalities such as call switching, consultation, call number and name display or also DTMF tone signal transmission.


The IP62 WiFi telephone has an LCD colour screen, 3 function keys, a 4-direction navigation key and 9 programmable quick dial keys. The internal telephone directory can hold 250 entries and the call list shows the last 25 calls. The IP62’s fourteen ring melodies can be allocated flexibly to contacts and the menu is available in 18 languages. 

The IP62 WiFi telephone is available from 15 November 2012 and can be ordered under the
order number 50-00062-001.


Click here for further information or here to go to the IP62 datasheet.



Goodbye IP230!

We will soon be saying goodbye to our IP230. It has not been listed in our product catalogue for quite a while, but was still available for current projects. This will change: Last-Time-Buy on 31 March 2013. We guarantee that we will deliver all orders that reach us by close of business on the 31 March.  



innovaphone in practise: Nikhef

Nikhef in Amsterdam is one of the world’s leading laboratories for experimental particle physics, and as a technical-scientific institute it obviously has anything but a standard IT environment. (…) Terms such as antimatter, the most powerful particle accelerator on Earth or the Higgs boson are used on a daily basis at the National Institute for Subatomic Physics, in short called Nikhef. (…)


"We have a non-standard IT department with a lot of technical knowledge," Wim Heubers, Head of Nikhef’s IT department explains. When the analogue telephone system reached end-of-life, the new solution to replace it had to be a perfect fit for this area. The choice was obvious. "We have chosen VoIP because a VoIP system is cheaper to maintain, has more functionality and allows better integration in the IT environment." Upon advice of the supplier WH2A, the decision was taken to install the IP solution by innovaphone." One of the strengths of the innovaphone system is the fact that it is a pure IP-based solution," Heubers continues. (…)


The innovaphone solution at Nikhef is built around two IP6000 gateways, with a total of 200 registered telephones, type IP110 and IP230. Both innovaphone devices can easily make use of all PBX features, from call transfer, call waiting and searching in the call list or phonebook to conferences with multiple partners. The mobility within the company is assured with the deployment of 80 wireless devices. These are connected to the IP system through IP DECT gateways, that also serve as the base for terminals, enabling employees with wireless devices to use all the functions of the PBX. In addition, a couple of IP28 analogue adapters are used to integrate analogue devices, such as fax modems and intercoms into the IP system. The receptionists work with the innovaphone PBX Operator, a computer-based operator desk for the innovaphone PBX. This Windows application, for which no server is required, has an intuitive control panel, and can easily and comfortably be operated via mouse click or keyboard. (…)


This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.




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