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This edition of the innovaphone newsletter is again filled with interesting topics and news. Among other things, we will be introducing our new technology partner New Voice and continuing the article on Mobile Integration.

We also have a new video for you to watch: a webinar recording on the topic of the innovaphone Operator. It explains in detail what the innovaphone Operator can do and how it works (in German). Take a look here.


Another piece of news: innovaphone is now on slideshare! Visit us there and look at interesting Case Study presentations or download our new product catalogue.

And last but not least. Existing customers can look forward to attractive promotional campaigns in June. There will be some interesting promotions for innovaphone customers with real savings. More information will follow soon.


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innovaphone Mobile Integration - part 2

Always available with innovaphone Mobile Integration

For innovaphone, Mobile Integration means to always be available, if wanted so. With the Mobile Integration solution, employees are mobile and are no longer tied to their desk and office. innovaphone enables this easily: the innovaphone PBX can simply be extended with a mobile integration software module, which enables the integration of mobile phones in the telephone system. This means the mobile phone becomes an internal extension of the PBX and allows subscribers to be able to use the features of the PBX whenever and wherever they are, also from abroad. This not only ensures higher productivity, but also lowers costs, because calls via mobile phone are always routed over the PBX fixed line network to the call destination.

With the innovaphone One Number concept, every employee has just one single phone number - both within and outside the company. By using the innovaphone Mobile Integration solution it no longer makes a difference what device or what mobile integration user phone number is used to place a call - the company phone number and not the cell phone number is always displayed.


The Mobile Integration user is always available under this extension number, no matter whether he is in the company building, out on the road or even abroad. A call can be started on the mobile and then transferred to the office phone simply by pressing a transfer key, and vice versa. If a call on your office phone goes on for longer than intended, just transfer the call to the mobile.

Incoming calls are signalled on all of the subscriber’s extensions - also on the mobile device until the call is accepted. Other subscribers of the telephone system can identify the occupied status of this user - even if he is making a call on his smartphone and is not in the company building. Furthermore, all Mobile Integration users can also access the organization’s complete business directory. Thus, the smartphone becomes a mobile extension of the innovaphone PBX.


The Mobile Integration user is always available under this extension number, no matter whether he is in the company building, out on the road or even abroad.


Goodbye IP52, IP54, IP55, IP56 and IP64

As already announced, we say goodbye to the following members of the innovaphone product family: IP52 (50-00052-001), IP54 (50-00054-001), IP55 (50-00055-001), IP56 (50-00056-001), IP64 (50-00064-001) and related accessories. We will accept orders until and including June 24, 2014. We can still deliver the products if your order is placed before this date.


New voice - new technology partner


We are pleased to introduce you to our new technology partner, New Voice International AG. New Voice is a global, independent solution provider and system integrator in the fields of security, communication and IT.

Security under control - New Voice alarm server successfully integrated
The implementation of an alarm platform is seen to be very important when incidents or critical situations occur that require quick actions by the responsible parties, such as a fire, burglary, emergency calls, crisis management, personal protection or if there is a technical malfunction. 


Therefore, the Swiss company, New Voice, implemented a full integration with the product MobiCall. innovaphone is switched on via the SIP trunk and SOAP interface. This concept ensures reliable distribution of alarm information and emergency calls to the relevant target subscribers.

The following important alarm features are available

  • Alarm call with dynamic display text
  • Alarm messages
  • Loudspeaker broadcasts
  • Adding emergency calls to existing conversation
  • Interruption of existing calls

See an overview of the performance characteristics of MobiCall here.


For more information about New Voice click here and read this wiki article.



innovaphone in practise: Energy Regulatory Office (ERO), Czech Republic

The Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) was founded in 2001 in Jihlava in the Czech Republic and also holds offices in Prague and in Ostrava. It is the administrative authority of the Czech Republic, responsible for all matters of regulation in the energy sector. About 200 employees are currently working for the ERO in 7 different departments.


Initially, the ERO started off with a standard situation: The outdated telephone system could no longer cope with modern requirements for high-end business communication. There was the need for a new telephony infrastructure.


When the final decision fell in favour of German manufacturer innovaphone, these were the crucial factors: MS Lync could easily be implemented into the innovaphone PBX. Furthermore, the innovaphone solution offers the possibility of gradual migration from the old system to the new technology. New users can be added in no time and the administration of the innovaphone PBX is simple, without any need to install special software on the computer. Finally, everything is included in a small box with low energy consumption.

Thanks to detailed planning before the installation started, the migration into the new technology went off without any problems. IP6010 is used as innovaphone PBX enabling central administration, in addition an IP800 VoIP gateway and an IP24 adapter is installed. Today, all ERO sites are integrated into the new system.


The employees at ERO are extremely satisfied with the new system. Sound quality is very good and there have been no problems whatsoever with the handling of the new telephones. Administration and maintenance are much easier compared to the old system. The innovaphone PBX enables central administration which saves a lot of time and money. Yet, the most significant cost saving item is the fact that all internal calls are now free.


This and other reports about successful installations with innovaphone are available here. Click here for the pdf version of this case study.

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