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Is it possible to imagine business communication without flexibility?

No, of course this is not possible. Permanent availability whether at the office, at home, on business trips or in daily routines is shaping today’s work life. Mobile workplaces become ever more important to increase work efficiency. With innovaphone’s Anywhere Workplace concept, this will no longer pose any problems. Today’s newsletter will introduce this concept.

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Anywhere Workplace – with innovaphone, this Becomes Reality


The term Anywhere Workplace means being able to work flexibly no matter where you are located. What is important are all the different channels that people want to be available with. Business communication has become so much more than mere communication via telephone or e-mail. The key component of the Anywhere Workplace is a communication solution which can turn this modern and future-oriented trend into reality.


Anywhere Workplace by innovaphone

innovaphone’s PBX is the prerequisite for an “Anywhere Workplace” that combines all advantages of a classic VoIP telephone system with the advantages of a sophisticated UC all-round solution. All possible telephone end devices can be controlled with a simple click via the Unified Communications client myPBX which unites all Unified Communications elements. IP Telephony, audio conferences, Chat, Application Sharing, video telephony and Conferencing are easily operated through the web client myPBX with its structured interface. Time-consuming and costly business trips will not always be necessary anymore. The Unified Communications features make it so easy to work across different sites.


Working from Anywhere – How Exactly does that Work?

All you need is a public internet connection and a computer with a browser. Simply start the browser-based web client myPBX and you will immediately have access to company directories and every single UC feature. It is so easy to set up a workplace, no matter where you are located at.


innovaphone Mobility, the apps for iOS and Android, are just as much a fixed component of our Anywhere Workplace concept. And with innovaphone’s One Number Concept, you will be available under one single phone number anywhere and anytime.


Anywhere Workplace by innovaphone does not only mean that you can work anywhere but more so, you can work anywhere with extra comfort. This also means that the employee will always work with the same interface, whether in the office or outside of the office. Getting accustomed to new surroundings will therefore not be necessary.


How Secure is the Anywhere Workplace by innovaphone?

All information and communication should always be transferred securely. This is absolutely no problem with innovaphone’s Reverse Proxy and Session Border Controller (SBC). Maximum safety is guaranteed here. For more information on security with innovaphone go to. 


Do You Know our innovaphone Forum?

The innovaphone Forum consists of two parts: A "classic" discussion forum, in which you read, write and answer discussion posts in a selection of topics. Or you start a new discussion under a new topic that is relevant for you.


The other part allows you to submit suggestions on various topics to innovaphone. Other users can "support" these suggestions and the more “supporters” a suggestion has, the higher the relevance. Thus, the Forum replaces the topic ’Feature Request’ in the innovaphone WIKI.


The objective of the innovaphone Forum is for the innovaphone community to exchange its experiences and knowledge with one another. innovaphone staff also participate in the discussions, but not always and not everywhere. The Forum lives primarily from the number and quality of your posted contributions.


The innovaphone Forum is available in German and English, and as of late in French and Italian. 


Further information and registration at 


Gateway Upgrade Promotion 2017 – only until September 30th, 2017


IP6000, IP2000, IP800, IP305 or IP302 – Do you own one of these gateways? innovaphone PBX has outgrown these gateways with all the new features of 12r2. More space is needed than could be provided by these gateways. That is why innovaphone PBX cannot be operated on these gateways from Version 12r2 onward.


Simultaneously to our release of Version 12r2, we are starting the suitable promotion for you:
The Gateway Upgrade Promotion

Existing customers can now upgrade to current innovaphone hardware platforms (IPxx11) with attractive conditions. This promotion runs until September 30th, 2017. More detailed information concerning the promotion is provided under following link: 


innovaphone in practice: reichelt elektronik

With approximately 80,000 electronic and PC technology products, some 270 employees and more than 45 years of experience, reichelt elektronik is a traditional mail order company that supplies not only industrial companies but also small companies and end users. An in-house developed, bespoke, high-performance software forms the basis for the company’s short lead times, high reliability and customer satisfaction. In the course of having a new warehouse built, the communication infrastructure at reichelt elektronik was fully modernised, moving from a conventional telephone system to an innovaphone system...



The complete case study and other reports on successful installations with innovaphone can be found here. You can download this case study as a PDF.



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